Landed homes are the pinnacle of established living. After years of hard work and toil, landed homes are a family’s firm footing in realizing their futures and setting up an investment for their family.

Here a clearer picture of a clients lifestyle if realized. Their attention to a more centred living style is required that generally leads to more outdoor living and creating a full indoor/outdoor living environment is desired. More attention is paid to creating a home not only for now but thinking about how the family grows and evolves and preparing the home for this future is essential in creating the right design.

Common Considerations of Landed Property Design Work

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As a landed house is generally for a larger family and extended family, it is important here to take into account the vast number of opinions and suggestions of not only the client but members of the family that have influence on the overall concept. It is important here to not only meet the client but the entire family and encourage them to talk openly with regard to their wish lists but also understanding their lifestyles and activities that can affect the design of the home. As with any renovation, budgetary constraints must be observed. Thus, it is important to please everyone but to insist on compromises where needed to create the most amount of impact without spending more than what has been allocated.

While carrying out renovation works in Landed properties some factors come into play, such as-

  • If strata titles exist, knowing what can and cannot be done in terms of extensions.
  • Properly creating and submitting authorized drawings to local authorities for approval is strongly recommended as this can affect the sale and purchase of the home at a later time.
  • Using sturdy and practical materials that are timeless in design yet long lasting and pervious to ware and tear.

  • Allocation adequate space requirements for family members to foster and encourage their interests and hobbies.
  • Encouraging clients to create practical outdoor spaces that are void of heavy maintenance

What a Landed Property Design Project Entails

  • Designing for a landed property is creating a community environment for family life.
  • Space allocation to meeting family needs
  • Design Concept and Space Planning

  • Production of both 2D and 3D drawings.

  • Preparing documents for submission to authorities.
  • Organizing and setting timelines for all teams to work seamlessly together for smooth and effective progress.

  • Submitting renovation permits and approvals from developer and management authorities.

  • Full site construction including supervision.

  • Soft furnishings, custom loose furniture, accessories etc installation and placement.

  • Handover and defect liability period

Our Advantage in Landed House Renovation Projects

Before and after of landed house

Any Interior Design firm is able to create pretty pictures. But, it is the execution of transferring those pictures to reality in the final outcome that is most important. Creating a landed house to truly suits the needs of the client yet constructing quality timeless long lasting fittings and features is imperative.

Our key advantages –

  • 30 years of experience and knowing full well absolutely every aspect involved not only in design but the construction process dos and don’ts.

  • An established team of qualified partners to meeting the construction demands of the Blaine Robert Brand.

  • Experts in structural space planning in not only visible design concept but space allocation for practical storage and utility planning.

  • International experience in worldwide design concepts to incorporate best practices in creating a home to live instead of just a home to show.

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