Project Description

The Client

Homeowner at Kelana Jaya, a luxury bungalow unit.

Project Background

Newly constructed bungalow unit at Kelana Jaya, Blaine Robert Design is involved from the early space planning stage with the architect including the interior finishes selection. The interior design concept for this client is modern contemporary design. One of the challenges is incorporating building architecture with its interior design, making the exterior and interior design cohesive if not complementing each other.

Solution Provided by Blaine Robert Design

A timeless modern contemporary design concept with the signature Blaine Robert design style merged beautifully making this bungalow a work of art! The space planning in this bungalow unit is designed by taking into consideration some of the principles of universal design. Passageway and furniture arrangement need to allow ample space for easy access. The planning in living area, dining area, and master bedroom is beautifully arranged to make use of the natural lighting from the long glass window overlooking their pool and landscape.

Scope of Work undertaken

  • Interior design concept for formal living and dining, dry & wet kitchen, master bedroom, study room and home musolla.
  • Space planning
  • Production of 2d & 3d design works
  • Contractor & masonry works
  • Fabrication of built in furniture

  • Custom made furniture
  • Soft furnishings & accessorising
  • Handover & defect liability period

Key Features of the Project

  • A classy and timeless modern contemporary design concept with the signature Blaine Robert design style
  • Element of gold with high gloss black surfaces never fails to impress. An interesting play of color with the right amount resulted in the sophisticated look for this bungalow.
  • Separating living and dining area is the custom design wall divider that brilliantly separate without completely disconnecting the two spaces. It is custom built to beautifully display fighting fish while allowing easy access for cleaning and feeding purposes
  • The same theme continues in dry and wet kitchen. The architect for this house complete the look by interestingly located a scenic background to the dry kitchen.
  • The master bedroom however took a slightly different feel from the rest of the formal area. Here a theme of luxury modern classic touch is incorporated into the existing modern contemporary concept. A blend of classic and contemporary concept is interestingly emerged from this exercise.
  • Another interesting feature of this house is the bridge connecting master bedroom to the rest of the rooms on the first floor. The wall to ceiling glass window at this bridge is very much the core idea of smoothly integrating outdoor into indoor spaces.

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