Project Description

The Client

Bellisa Sdn. Bhd.

Project Background

Situated in Vertical Business Suite, The Green Life Company is a new company that essentially operates on green concept products. The office is to accommodate a total of 26 people including managers and CEO. Recently completed work by Blaine Robert Design, The Green Life office looks fresh, modern, energetic and cost effective.

Solution Provided by Blaine Robert Design

Open working space, rooms are positioned at an angle, room wall and doors are made of glass not only to create a visually bigger space, but also allowing as much natural lighting as possible into the office creating a happy working environment. This office has a unique space planning design, and design concept that best to foster creative and critical thinking of young minds working here.

Scope of Work undertaken

  • Interior design concept for formal living and dining, dry & wet kitchen, master bedroom, study room and home musolla.
  • Space planning
  • Production of 2d & 3d design works
  • Contractor & masonry works
  • Fabrication of built in furniture

  • Custom made furniture
  • Soft furnishings & accessorising
  • Handover & defect liability period

Key Features of the Project

  • Not a typical office space planning layout. From manager walls to workstation and even to floor pattern, are positioned at an angle to break from the monotonous office environment.

  • An open concept workspace is introduced to improve communication and collaboration among workers and facilitate teamwork.

  • Green element is seen throughout the office spaces where green concept is the very core values that the company operates on.

  • Natural lighting is very important to improve productivity in offices. For this very reason, tempered glass is used as room walls and doors simultaneously creating a visually spacious feel

  • The interior design concept proposed represent the company brand image successfully.

  • The interior is kept vibrant and fresh in bright colour that uplifts the mood and create a positive and conducive working environment

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