A developer’s main responsibility is to build and sell.  It is at this point where we are asked to come in to wrap up the project into a package that appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers.  Therefore, it is important to fully understand the project and the customers.  A show unit has only a moment or two upon the prospective buyer entering to make an impression.  At this point, they decide whether it is worth their while to look around or to just move one.

Understanding the demographics of the buyer and their lifestyle assists greatly in the overall design concept provided for this type of project. Today’s urban buyers are particularly attracted to purchasing due to the show flat’s overall look and feel.  Thus, it is wise to renovate a unit within the budgetary constraints of the buyer and utilizing the renovation budget to the max to create a home where everyone wants to live.

Common Considerations of Show Units Interior Design

Show Unit Interior Design

Properties are most appealing by square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Thus, initial space planning and structural space allocation is important to maximize the appropriate space for regular living.  Often, bedrooms are constructed too small for an effective use of space and can then seem as a deterrent to the sales process.  Proper thought must be put in to design according to space restrictions.  So, home office, music rooms, libraries or just additional storage space should be incorporated into the design concept to give buyers a realistic understanding how their family can best utilize the space.  Limiting the need to make structural changes to the show unit in terms of extension or wall modification is advised as buyers don’t want the costly burden of structural changes even before considering the interior design renovation.

Things to take note of while doing Show Units are –

  • Working closely with developer / architects from the construction design phases is important but often overlooked

  • Allocating a realistic budget that meets to design appeal but also the buyers expected renovation budget is vital to creating a show unit that is sellable

  • Limited the use of vibrant colours within the expensive portion of the renovation is advised as neutral colours are more appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers yet punching up the design concept with less expensive home furnishing and accessories

  • Be fully prepared, organized and efficient is essential for show room renovations. Deadlines are tight in the segment and meeting the clients design expectation and timeline is a must

  • An effective communication line is very important as show units tend to have many people and departments involved and the communication needs to be established clearly

What a Show Units Design Project Entails

Designing a Show Unit is like designing it for the home owner. Except for the fact many people take a professional interest in the outcome for many different reasons.

  • Architectural space planning
  • Research into client demographics
  • Design concept
  • Production of 2D, 3D drawings and visuals

  • Fabrication of built in works
  • Project management and site supervision

  • Installation of core furniture
  • Installation of all soft furnishing, artwork and accessories

  • Handover and defect liability period

Our Advantage for Show Unit Interior Design

Before and after of show unit

Show Flats & Show Units are in some respect the core essence of interior design.  The full realization of a home is provided from start to finish right down to the tableware provided.  Thus, this type of project allows us to fully create and execute the best of the best for the interest of both the developer and home purchaser.  Understanding not only design but what appeals to the greatest number of buyers is very important.  Thus, having a lot of experience in the segment is vital to overall success.  This is a key strength of Blaine Robert Design.

  • Years of experience with Showroom unit creation

  • We work diligently to understand the developer project concept and research heavily the prospective buyer demographics

  • We have a team of trust partners that meeting the quality standards of the Blaine Robert Brand

  • We are a custom furniture manufacturer who is able to produce one of kind pieces for our show unit projects

  • Full photographs/videos and event launching upon completion of projects

Our Founder & Creative Director – Blaine Robert himself is available to developers to provide talks on ID (dos and don’ts) for current and prospective buyers

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