One of the key factors that determine the success and failure in the design of residences and commercial establishments is its Space Planning. It comprises of several components that must be looked into as this can make or break a space design as a whole.

Within the scope of interior design, Space Planning is one of the most important aspect. It is how your life unfolds and is realized in the day to day aspect of living. Design and architecture can be good, but without proper space planning and a flow to movement, it can be a disaster but still look beautiful. The best way to express this is – there is no true beauty without substance.

Key benefits that Space Planning brings include –

  • Facilitate people in better work flow
  • Stimulate productivity in offices, promote sales in retail

  • Selecting the number and sizes of furniture that work best with the given layout

  • Encourage the sense of balance and harmony to a space

  • Better layout planning that make the most use of both natural lighting and artificial lighting

What does Space Planning Involve

An important work task for interior designers and architects, Space Planning aims to make the best use of physical space. It involves –

  • Process of organizing components of interior design such as furniture, wall partition and doors for space utilization

  • Involves series of planning such as determining minimum space required for a particular task, barrier-free space planning, lighting levels, ventilation and temperature control, measurement and ergonomics
  • Sometimes begins in the early stage when architects do the interior architectural planning
  • Providing practical solutions in a creative way to foster efficiency and effective use of space.
  • Putting together a layout that works for every person utilizing the space regardless of age or gender.
placement of furniture in a house

Our Advantage for Space Planning

floor plan of bungalow

Here are the key differentiators that make us stand out –

  • With Blaine Robert Design, spaces are usually characterized by the unique arrangement of furniture that is unusually in straight lines. This makes the layout appear fresh and energetic.
  • Lights play a big role in our design. Depending on the intended purpose of the space, it can either be super bright with full use of day light – which is usually the case for offices; or minimal use of light intended to create a relaxed mood.

  • Selection of furniture that work specifically for each space is easy to achieve when we can custom make them.

Our Recent Projects

A unique play of space planning. This space plan creates an energetic and fresh environment for this office. Good amount of natural lighting is allowed access into space by using glass as doors and room walls. The commonly used blinds area replaced with night curtains that not only adds softness into this space but also injects color to it. Room walls, work stations are placed at an angle that create vibrant energy and unconventional space planning. Read More..

Tell 6 Office Space Planning

The space planning in this bungalow unit is designed by taking into consideration some of the principles of universal design. Passageway and furniture arrangement need to have ample space to allow easy access. The planning in living area, dining area, and master bedroom is beautifully arranged to make use of the vast natural lighting access from the glass window overlooking their pool and landscape. Read More..

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