20 Blue Front Door Ideas for an Inviting Entry

Your front door is the last thing you touch before leaving home and the first one you feel when coming back to your house. It welcomes you. Your door is the first thing that visitors notice about your house from up and close. A well-thought front door provides style, attitude, mood and beauty to your […]

Your front door is the last thing you touch before leaving home and the first one you feel when coming back to your house. It welcomes you. Your door is the first thing that visitors notice about your house from up and close.

A well-thought front door provides style, attitude, mood and beauty to your property. Whether your home is in an apartment or a standalone beauty, it is little wonder that people are now paying more attention to their front doors.

For instance, they now understand that specific colors and materials matter in making their front doors. For example, green can signify love for nature, and red can signify passion for life, vibrant personality. However, one color is evergreen—blue.

The color blue and its myriad hues are super versatile. It can be energetic and bold, serene and calm, evocative and moody, and so much more. But, of course, it all depends on the specific shade that you choose. Make it a wise decision for it!

Whether you want a front door deco style that’s classic, or a beach house look, or farmhouse-chic or modern look, there is undoubtedly a tone, hue and style to suit your tastes and desires.

This article will show you various ways to design your front door to make your home look more inviting.

We are going to give you 20 blue front door ideas!

Let’s get started!


Greyish-blue for a sophisticated look

This is a soft robin egg blue hue. It has perfect undertones which look great against white trim. Additional decorations can augment its beauty. For instance, you can hang a floral wreath outside on your veranda from the ceiling. This will make the blue hue glamorous and sophisticated at the same time.


Neon teal for a bolder look

Like the one above, this looks great against a white background as well. An off-white or light grey would not be too bad either. However, the front doors of this hue will look best in mid-century home styles. Neon teal gives a bold, bright look. It provides a vintage feel to the door and your home as well. Palm trees in the background and painted bricks can complete that nostalgic desert look.


The shiny navy look

Color and hue have their place. But the finish is essential as well. For instance, if your front door is semi-glossy or has a matte finish, it will look great, of course. But with a shiny navy paint finish, the home is sure to look sophisticated and gorgeous. On the other hand, the design makes the doorway and entrance feel expensive. And hey, first impressions are important, are they not?


The soft powder blue

This hue is just magical. It is bright yet soft; quite an enigma it is! This colour adds cheerfulness to any home’s entranceway. It spells a classic personality and looks best against an all-white property. You can see such homes commonly in the USA and elsewhere, where front doors of this colour are against white-painted clapboard homes.


Look cute with baby blue.

This is a very light hue of blue. It gives a feeling of warmth and is inviting. As you’ll see, it looks great as a front door color as well. It can be best paired with blonde hardwood floors and other light brown shades.

soft blue-green-color-door

Go for a soft blue-green

Why settle for one hue when you can have a mix of two colors? A soft shade of blue-green colour for your front door would look classic. It gives off a sense of sophistication, of class, and of course, seems quite inviting. If you want a style that looks great no matter the season, this is the hue to go for.


Show your spirit with this dark blue color.

Dark blue is perfect for bungalows, especially Spanish-style ones. However, it may not be suitable just against anything or anywhere. To get that complete Spanish look, you may want the immediate environment to have elements like black accents, clay tiles, and white exteriors` as well.


The deep teal classic look

Some colours can change the look and feel of an entire house. The deep teal is one of them. It looks great against a white background.

preppy blue color-door

Show your attitude with preppy blue color

This is a soft color yet looks quite sophisticated. It looks good against green hues and a hue similar to itself. Trust us. If you decide to go with this one, you won’t be disappointed. However, you may want to have some green decorative plants nearby.


Try the blue accent.

Achromatic colors are alright, but so are accent colours. This blue accent is proof of that—pair forest green hues with this.

navy blue-color-door

Choose navy blue.

Navy blue for the front door color gives a classic American look and feel. For best results, pair this with single wood siding and with white trims.


Light it up

Colors are one thing, and lighting is another. Each has its place when it comes to making your property look great. However, you want to know when to use them together. So here are some Blue Front Door Ideas for an Inviting Entry. If you already have a blue front door, take away your existing lighting scones and swap with scones that suit the style of your home.

For instance, you may want to go with vintage-style scones against stone exteriors. It would look great against a dark coloured door trim. For a more modern look, choose lighting scones with more modern features.


Use potted plants

You can perk up the entranceway, or the doorway, with a collection of green plants and flowers. For instance, you can add a topiary to add a sculptural element to the property while adding a variety of scales. If you do have a covered porch, pick flowers that look great in the shade.


Use a DIY wreath

Be bold and show your personality. If none of the decoration ideas above appeal to you, you can go your own way! For instance, you can use a DIY wreath near the entryway to augment with blue colors of your front door.

Sure, it will take a bit of time, but the result will be personal and better than anything you can buy! For the best possible effect, make these with spray-painted cedar wood boards and chicken wires. Then, fill up the interior portion with peat moss.


Use a DIY trim around the door.

If the DIY but has caught up, you can do this as well. However, make sure you have adequate experience with these things. A DIY wreath is one thing.

The DIY door trim is another! Now, a door trim is a great way to show contrast against the door. For an even better look, paint it with a new colour for a better curb appeal. For instance, against a darker shade of blue, you can add a white trim.


Install Dutch doors

If you have a cottage, a bungalow, or similar standalone properties, and if you lack the budget for an expensive renovation, why not install a Dutch door! These add a welcome vibe to any property. It can be of any color you want, but a bold and bright hue is the way to go.


Give me red

If your home has a neutral colour and you want to make it look unique, pick a color as bold as red. For instance, if your home has a grey color, you can make it look less boring with a front door in red. This hue works against homes of all colors and adds a dash of daring to the property.


Spell out the numbers

Want to make your home, or rather the entranceway or portico, modern quickly? You can do so instantly by adding house numbers instead of words.

For this, you need to have quite a bit of space, like in the front part of the entrance. Use a level and measuring tool to space letters evenly if you want to do this yourself.


Add a DIY door treatment.

When you add front door treatments, you instantly draw eyes to them. You can add modern geometric shapes or square and rectangular ones for that perfect look. But, again, do this only if you are comfortable and have some experience with this kind of job. Otherwise, exterior decoration companies will be glad to do this for you.

Color-coordinated house numbers

We talked about using letters instead of numbers for a more modern look. But if you want to have that old-age feel with a modern look, you can still use the house numbers for a brighter metallic-colored blue number plague. Against it, show your home number in black letters. As you may be guessing, it would look excellent against a blue front door! It will up your home’s curb appeal instantly.

As you have seen, there are so many ways to decorate your home. You can:

  • increase its curb appeal,
  • increase its real estate value by additions and decorations,
  • increase the beauty of your home
  • make it look bold
  • make it seem warm and inviting
  • make it look chic and modern

Yes, front doors, along with the appropriate decoration, can do all this and more!

You have also seen that all this does not need to be expensive at all unless you want it to! We have shown you plenty of DIY options as well.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article on 20 Blue Front Door Ideas! But whatever you know, know that such augmentation to your home will likely remain for a long time! In the end, it all depends on your desires, tastes and budget.

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