Art deco first found popularity in America and Europe in the early 1900s; particularly, 1920s and 1930s. A century later, this style is experiencing a resurgence — and for a good reason. Art deco focused on all aspects of the decorative arts, from fashion to interior design and more.

Its bold and glam style coupled with a hint of vintage flair screams approachable luxury. And if that is right up your alley, you are going to love art deco with its beautiful symmetry and sprinkle of luxury materials.

So what exactly constitutes art deco, and how can you incorporate it into your room design? Here are some of the most common motifs of the style.

  • Geometric lines


Geometry, linearity, and angularity heavily characterise the art deco style. This gives the art deco that solid and bold look it is so well-known for. Furniture and decor with sharp edges, dramatic shapes, and sweeping curves would ideally bring out the art deco vibe. More often than not, this translates to large-scale chubby furniture placed around the room.

Any other forms of geometric patterns such as chevrons, zigzags, and sunburst shapes are also reasonably common in this type of style. You can start experimenting with these patterns first with your wallpaper, then move on to the rest of your furniture when you’re more comfortable.

  • Bold colours


Another common motif of the art deco style is the liberal use of bold colours. Jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, and magenta are often preferred due to their eye-catching properties.

If you want to add such colours into your room without overpowering the entire space, opt for accent chairs or vibrant artworks to add that pop of colour seamlessly.

  • High-end materials


Colours should not be the only aspect of your furniture. You should be concerned about if you want to embody the art deco style fully. The type of materials used when it comes to art deco is very specific — precisely, luxurious.

Natural materials such as marble, granite, and zebrawood are generally favoured when it comes to furniture. Furnishings and accessories are likely to be lacquered or made up of stainless steel, glass, mirror and chrome.

And when it comes to seating and covers? Upscale upholstery such as velvet and leather are not surprising choices around the room. No doubt do these heavy, luxurious textures give off a glam vibe to space.

  • Antique pieces


I’m sure you heard us when we mentioned a bit of vintage flair to the art deco style. Antique pieces bring in this vintage feel to space perfectly. European artworks and sculptures would complement and showcase the art movement of the era.

Remember to throw in some gold and brass elements to complete the look as well!

  • Statement lighting


Lighting is yet another aspect that did not go unnoticed during the art deco era. Fixtures with geometric shapes and etched glass are typical of that period. Look for something sculptural yet modern, with minimal detailing and perhaps opal glass bulbs. Ultimately, you want your room to have that dramatic art deco vibe.

Here we are, a hundred years later, with art deco re-emerging in popularity once again! With the glitz and glamour associated with this style, we cannot precisely blame homeowners for lusting after it.

While art deco may make your room look luxurious and exclusive, it is not just for the elite or the rich. Our experts at Blaine Robert Design know precisely how to bring forth that bold art deco style without breaking your bank.