What’s The Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Design Trend About?

You’ve probably heard about the kitchen trends for 2022. From the classic kitchen island to a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance, there are many new design choices for you. But many homeowners agree that kitchen cabinetry is one of the essential parts of their kitchen. A kitchen cabinet is vital for its aesthetic and practical benefits. It […]

You’ve probably heard about the kitchen trends for 2022. From the classic kitchen island to a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance, there are many new design choices for you. But many homeowners agree that kitchen cabinetry is one of the essential parts of their kitchen.

A kitchen cabinet is vital for its aesthetic and practical benefits. It stores kitchenware and looks visually pleasing. You may even keep dinnerware in the kitchen cabinet, freeing up space in your dining room. A kitchen cabinet is essential to your home’s interior design.

Are you undecided about which kitchen cabinet to pick? This article introduces you to kitchen cabinet trends in 2022 to help you with your next kitchen remodel. We’ll also explain why the aluminum kitchen cabinet trend is so popular.

Kitchen Trends For 2022: Paint Colors And Backsplashes

Before we delve into the aluminum kitchen cabinet design trend, let’s explore some 2022 trends to enhance your kitchen cabinetry.

Pick Paints To Match Your Kitchen Cabinets

Bright paint color for kitchens is trending in 2022. Combine sunny yellow and burnt orange with neutral blue and green to make the shades stand out.

If you love classic white kitchens, balance the white with taupe or warm white kitchen cabinets. These pops of soft color make the kitchen feel less monotonous while maintaining a serene mood.

For those who don’t like earthy tones, two-toned black, and white is a good choice. Black and white is timeless and immune to changing trends. Add grey to the mix for a stunning interplay of light and dark surfaces.

Add A Kitchen Backsplash

Enhance your kitchen wall cabinets with a kitchen backsplash. These are tiled backdrops on the wall behind stovetops or the kitchen countertop, adding unique accents to the kitchen design.

Glazed tiles remain a classic choice with their shiny finish that reflects light. They also look good in most kitchens as they fit many styles. If you don’t want straight lines, go for curved shapes. Choose cut marble slabs, fish-scale, and hexagonal tiles for an interesting visual pattern.

A metallic backsplash contrasts nicely with dark wall cabinets, adding a hint of luxury and shimmer to your kitchen design

Choose a kitchen backsplash using the same color as your countertop for a continuous and sophisticated look. This design seamlessly blends the countertop and backsplash, making a bold statement and pairing well with a waterfall-top kitchen island.

A wraparound kitchen backsplash is another 2022 trend. Use a wraparound kitchen backsplash to extend the design from behind the kitchen countertop to the ceiling and floor. Extend bright, reflective backsplashes to the top to brighten the kitchen interior.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials 

Kitchen cabinets come in different materials that vary in price and quality. The most popular choices are metal and wood, and these materials have pros and cons, as explained below.

Types of Metals

You don’t have to use only one or two metal finishes. You can mix and match different metals in your kitchen space to create an exciting contrast. 

Polished nickel, steel, copper, and gold are classic favorites in modern-day designs. They are striking and durable, with varied shades and colors to suit different aesthetics. Metal is shiny and has a high-gloss effect, reflecting light in the kitchen. Reflections make the kitchen appear larger and brighter than it is.

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for cabinets in outdoor kitchens because it doesn’t rust. You can make the scratches disappear, leaving the shiny surface as good as new. It is sturdy and doesn’t tarnish quickly, but it is pricier.

Nickel looks good with a brushed or polished finish and is a slightly warmer color than steel. However, you must maintain unlacquered nickel to prevent tarnishing.

Copper and gold are frequently used for finishings on taps due to their classic and striking golden-brown colors. If you choose gold, avoid the outdated shiny yellow trend of the 80s.

Brass is a shiny, warm-colored metal that you must maintain through consistent polishing. Unlacquered brass is brass with no lacquer coating, so fingerprints and dirt smudges cause the surface to be dull over time. Brass also naturally oxidizes and ages, creating an antique tarnish that some people love. But keep remembering that the antique tarnish can also look dirty and unsightly in more contemporary kitchens.

The Declining Popularity Of Wooden Cabinets

wooden kitchen cabinet

Wood is another popular material for kitchen cabinets, but its popularity has recently declined. Wooden cabinets look classic, but it is more challenging to maintain them than metal cabinets because wood is porous and traps dirt. Even after repeated cleaning, it is hard to remove accumulated dirt from irregular surfaces and grooves in the wood.

Wood is not fire-resistant; it might catch fire quickly in the kitchen when you cook food, endangering your safety. 

Wooden cabinets are prone to termite infestation that is difficult to eradicate. Termites eat the wood, causing the cabinet structure to weaken from internal rot. The entire cabinet could collapse if the damage becomes too severe.

Wood is also not waterproof and absorbs spilled food or liquids, leaving unsightly stains that affect its color and appearance. 

Wood has poor resistance to high humidity, often found in kitchens. As such, when frequently exposed to steam and heat, wood may form water-damage stains.

Wood also tends to absorb lots of moisture during rainy seasons; this risk is even more significant in the humid tropical conditions of Malaysia. Over time, wood swells up and develops cracks in such conditions, which looks unpleasant.

Lastly, wood has a traditional design that restricts its versatility. It lacks a broad range of customization options compared to metal, explaining its declining popularity as a kitchen cabinet material.

If you love the aesthetics of wooden cabinets, consider using them in lesser hot and damp areas. Install them in the dining room or storage room, where there is less moisture. Thus the risk of water damage is also lower.

The Rising Popularity Of Aluminum Cabinets In 2022

aluminum kitchen cabinet

The 2022 aluminum kitchen cabinet design trend proved that aluminum cabinets are popular. They are an innovative and versatile option for transforming kitchen cabinetry. Aluminum cabinets look sleek and contain many parts to store various kitchen tools. They are highly customizable and come in many designs for different needs. 

An aluminum kitchen cabinet has many advantages over a wooden cabinet because it is safer and more durable. Aluminum cabinets are strong and don’t crack easily compared to wooden cabinets. So they last longer than wooden cabinets.

If your aluminum wall cabinets have open shelves, the insides might get dirty quickly, so you must frequently clean them. Aluminum cabinets are easier to clean as you can wipe them down using a damp cloth without detergents. 

Aluminum is not porous or uneven like wood; hence dirt won’t accumulate in cracks over time. As metal is non-porous, it won’t absorb spills or provide room for pests to breed. Aluminum is waterproof, so water will not damage its internal structure. Aluminum doesn’t absorb spilled food and liquids, so you can easily clean up any mess. Aluminum cabinets also won’t attract termites; hence you won’t have to worry about pests.

It is also fire-resistant and can withstand higher temperatures and humidity in tropical environments like Malaysia. Thus, it is safe and ideal for kitchen cabinets.

Another perk of aluminum cabinets is that they are eco-friendly because aluminum is recyclable. You could even purchase cabinets made from recycled aluminum. Conversely, wooden cabinets are mostly made from deforested wood and are less eco-friendly.

Many believe visually boring metallic aluminum cabinets are difficult to match with other furniture. If you, too, thought so, then you are underestimating the versatility of this metal. You can customize aluminum in many colors and textures, making it more versatile than wood.

Aluminum doesn’t rust and retains its shine, making it low-maintenance. Unlike unlacquered brass or nickel, it doesn’t require frequent polishing to maintain its metallic gleam. It’s an excellent long-term investment for the future as it doesn’t rust or disintegrate quickly.

The matte gray color of aluminum cabinets creates a futuristic, sleek aesthetic. Contrast them with warm wood floors and a vivid backsplash to make the cabinets look unique.

You can choose all-black or all-white aluminum cabinets to fit your monochrome kitchen. Want to experiment with more shades? Aluminum cabinets have various fun hues to match every color scheme, whether your kitchen has a natural or neon theme.

This article has covered some 2022 kitchen cabinet trends and explained the pros and cons of different material types. Aluminum cabinets emerge as the winner for their durability and easy maintenance. 

Hire an interior designer if you’d like to install aluminum cabinets but don’t know how to, hire an interior designer. They’ll help you determine where to place your aluminum cabinets and what color scheme to use. Transform your kitchen cabinetry with trendy aluminum cabinets, and enjoy the benefits of this durable and safe material.

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