How to design an Office Pantry that helps staff unwind and boost productivity at the same time

Afternoons in the office are often the times when I feel sluggish and challenged to focus on work. When that happens, I head straight to my Office Pantry. This place is my zen zone, where I can relax and recharge with my favourite cuppa! Thankfully, my company recognises the importance of employee wellness. By keeping the pantry stocked with healthy snacks, fresh fruits and even packed quick meals…giving us the flexibility of timing our breaks without affecting work.

Pantry is a must-have area in any modern workplace. Since workplaces can be like a second home to many, every company should have it, and with basic appliances where one can enjoy/prepare refreshments to refuel and recharge.  Not only is it a place for employees to unwind, it can also be the ideal setting where they can talk to colleagues, bounce ideas, and hence form better working relationships.

So, let’s find out how organisations can design an Office Pantry to help staff not only unwind but also boost productivity.

Pantry for Unwinding and Relaxing

The ideal office pantry should be such that it promotes staff wellbeing by providing an environment to relax both mentally and physically. And how can that be accomplished? …well, there are a few elements involved. Such as –

The Lighting

Pantry should be open and bright to create a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere that enables employees to unwind.  While natural lighting is the best type of lighting to have, if that is not an option then indoor artificial lighting should be just nice to light up the room without making it too bright. Lamps and overhead lights can also be used to brighten up the room to create mood lighting for relaxing

Fittings and Furniture

Key appliances to be included into your pantry design are the microwave, fridge, and coffee machine. These basic equipment are a must have for employees to reheat or store edibles. A fridge to store fresh food and a water dispenser so that employees need not spend money on sugary drinks is a good add-on to your Pantry. Furniture such as soft cushioned chairs and sofas make the staff feel at ease and rejuvenated from long work hours.

Interior Decor

An inviting and friendly feel-good atmosphere can be achieved by including decorative elements like beautiful floor lamps, framed pictures and indoor plants which create a homely feeling making it an ideal place for recharging.

Food and Snacks

Many modern-day pantries are stocked with healthy foods and snacks. Fruits, energy bars and malted drink sachets would be commonly found in pantries across office areas in Kuala Lumpur. This helps employees with nutrition and energy to continue work with focus throughout the operating hours every day.

Boosting Productivity

A right ambience also facilitates employees to work efficiently and be more productive. Hence, a well setup Pantry brings advantages to the organisation and employees alike. A few of these benefits include building a stronger work relationship team bonding, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and optimising space utilization.

productive workforce

Build Stronger Work Relationships

One way to bring employees together is by Indoor Placemaking. Creating a communal place not just to grab a quick bite or fill the water tumbler but space that’s equipped with seats allowing people to spark conversations, brainstorm viewpoints and swap ideas with each other. And the Pantry is just the right thing for this concept.

For example, adding a large dining table to the Pantry would allow colleagues to converse and share ideas with each other easily over lunch or coffee break. So, the Pantry is not only a place to unwind but also to boost productivity as it helps different departments to get together.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Providing healthy snacks, fruit juices and the like in the Pantry can make a splendid Employee Wellness programme…lowers chances of employees snacking on unhealthy items. Setting up a cosy space for lunch encourages employees to bring their own home cooked food that can be heated or cooked rather than wasting time going out to far away eateries for lunch.

Optimize Space utilization

If designed as a multi-purpose communal space… meetings and company events can be hosted to in the pantry all the meeting rooms are unavailable. Social gatherings with other organizations, fund raising events and team-building activities can also be held in the pantry if it is large enough.

A win-win for work and workers

So, to conclude, the Pantry is an important part of the office as it can improve the company’s productivity and the health of its human resources …offering a win-win to the business and the staff. A comfortable and well-equipped Office Panty benefits the organisation as it will create a positive working environment. It also promotes the overall wellness of your employees and allows them to relax, both physically and mentally.