Bathtub Ideas That You Just Can’t-Miss

Bathrooms are known for their practicality. After all, the bathroom is where you get ready in the morning before rushing to work. Bathrooms are made to be clean and functional, so you don’t waste precious time wondering where you placed your toothbrush or soap. But there’s another side to our bathrooms that we usually miss […]

Bathrooms are known for their practicality. After all, the bathroom is where you get ready in the morning before rushing to work. Bathrooms are made to be clean and functional, so you don’t waste precious time wondering where you placed your toothbrush or soap.

But there’s another side to our bathrooms that we usually miss when going about our daily routine. It’s a place for rest, downtime, and peace before heading out into the bustling world of activity. So, you should ensure it’s a beautiful and calming room to shower in.

If you’ve always wanted to turn your home bathroom into a spa (who doesn’t?), this article is perfect for you. Check out these luxurious bathtub ideas you cannot miss.

7 Bathtub Ideas You Cannot Miss

1. Choose A Tub

The bathtub is the focal point of your master bathroom, so select a design you’ll love coming home to. Bathtubs are available in different configurations:

  • Alcove Tub
  • Tub-and-shower combo
  • Corner tub
  • Freestanding tub

Alcove bathtub

Alcove bathtubs are recessed into the wall and are the most common bathtub installation type.

You’ll be familiar with seeing them in many hotels. They’re outfitted with a full range of bathroom features, including overhead showers and temperature-adjusting taps.

Tub-and-Shower Combo

Alcove bathtubs are also commonly found as part of tub-and-shower combos because they can easily fit with a showerhead.

Corner bathtub

corner bathtub

Corner tubs are also built against the wall. They often have rounded or angular faces and semicircle or pentagon shapes. Most corner tubs are separate from showers; many use them exclusively as soaking tubs.

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding tubs are large, deep, and more luxurious than most bathtubs. They’re great for long soak baths with scented salts, wine, and petals.

You can choose a regal clawfoot tub with gold-trimmed taps to match an antique interior theme in your master bathroom. Or, get a modern plain bathtub with clean curves for a black-and-white aesthetic.

2. Soak In Sunlight Near The Window

What’s a room without a view? Or a soak without some scenery?

Position your master bath area near the room’s windows. Windows breathe life into your bathroom, letting natural light and colors in.

Medical studies have shown that natural light improves physiological well-being, which is ideal for a bathroom.

You can choose large, ceiling-to-floor glass panes that provide a great view of the outside world. Leave them open for some fresh air if the weather is ideal.

near window bathtub

The expansive windows in this bathroom allow you to take in the view outside while relaxing indoors. It creates the illusion of vast, ample space and feels much airier than an enclosed bathroom.

3. Bring Your Bath Outdoors

outdoor bathtub

Just Add Plants!
In line with the natural theme, we’d also like to recommend embracing the great outdoors. No, we don’t mean leaving the house.

Add nature-based elements to your bathroom to feel like you’re showering outside without going out. To put it simply, add plants and natural materials. Wood, stone, and muted colors are best for an outdoor aesthetic.

Incorporate these materials into your bathroom furniture. Consider a bathtub with a stone base, granite sink, and wooden medicine cabinets. Decorate with plants, pebbles, and weave baskets to store towels.

You can even use scented candles or an essential oil diffuser to add fragrance to the bathroom.

Let your windows do the work of bringing sunlight and fresh air in. It’ll feel like you’re lounging in a garden with perfect weather.

4. Go All-Out With A Shower And Soaking Tub

all-out bathtub

This is an excellent design choice if you have the budget and space.

Equip your bathroom with a shower and soaking tub to replicate the feel of a five-star hotel. You can separate the shower area with a clear glass shower door.

Use the shower on regular days for a quick bath to freshen up. Save the soaking tub for when you really need to relax.

To elevate the soaking experience, install a jacuzzi tub instead. Jacuzzi tubs have water jets to provide gentle pressure on your body while you bathe. You’ll enjoy a massage and bath at the same time. Who wouldn’t like that?

5. Art To Stare At While You Soak

Accessorize your bathroom and powder room with pretty objects; flowers, art, bath salts, aromatic candles – anything that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We recommend displaying art that’s soothing to look at, like paintings and photographs of scenery or nature. Try a rustic countryside landscape, an ocean at sunset, or a detailed botanical illustration.

This bathroom uses a beautiful coastal photograph. Dreamy seaside imagery is incredibly calming for your mind and suits bathrooms well.

bathtub with wall art

Alternatively, you can go for pastel-colored, abstract minimalism. This bathroom has a pale blue minimalist-themed painting above the bathtub. Go for curves instead of sharp lines, as these are more pleasant to the eye.

If hanging art isn’t your thing, display a sculpture or vase of flowers instead. Place these on a slim double vanity table by the side or on the sink counter.

6. Use Lights To Relax

We’ve mentioned the importance of natural light earlier, but you can also further brighten up the space with artificial lights.

Choose a light fixture that matches your bathroom theme. Most bathrooms use hanging lights like chandeliers and pendant lamps. They provide a soft, dewy illumination that’s bright but not too overwhelming.

Learn more about chandelier designs and how to pick one mentioned in our blog post, Enchant Your Home With Chandelier Light Luxury Design.

This compact chandelier adds opulence to an otherwise dark bathroom. It’s made of mother-of-pearl and has an intricately beaded frame.

Standing lamps have exposed electrical cords, which can be dangerous in wet bathrooms, so try to avoid those.

7. Floor and Wall Materials Around Bathtub

Finally, select floor and wall materials to complement your bathroom aesthetic. Keep in mind practicality when choosing materials – for instance, your floor tile material should be waterproof and slip-proof.

A high-contrast checkerboard floor pattern is striking and adds dramatic flair to your bathroom.

Pick standard rectangular wall tiles for a basic, no-frills bathroom. Or, play around with geometrical shapes and use hexagonal tiles to create beautiful tessellated patterns.

If you’re worried about the wall looking too simplistic, you can add variety with wall borders.

Some lovely border examples are vintage scrollwork or Greek-key borders. You can also assemble a frame with mosaics, pebbles, or penny tiles.

These are the most classic yet unique bathtub ideas you cannot miss. Create comfort with serenity evoked by these luxurious and timeless designs. Make a bathroom that’s as pleasing to look at as it is comforting to relax in.

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