Want to sell your home at a higher price? Great! Stage your home to increase its real estate value.

Want to sell it off at a good price fast? Stage your bedrooms.

More often than not, people focus on just one bedroom and forget about the others. They pay attention to just the primary bedroom. This is not a smart move. You have to see what you can do with the additional bedrooms, such as the kid’s room and guest rooms. After all, prospective buyers will undoubtedly scrutinize all rooms.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 expert tips for staging a bedroom. The focus here is on the guest bedroom, but the same steps can be taken for the other rooms too.

It is important to stage your guest bedroom, especially if you have it, for buyers will see it. If they are impressed, you get a sale offer!

So here is what you need to do to do.

Five steps to stage your guest bedroom from experts

  • Declutter


You may have heard the saying, “Empty your cup.”

Well, that saying applies here as well. Before you stage the bedroom, you have to declutter. In most places, guest bedrooms are areas of the house that, when not in use, are where myriad things are dumped. Used beddings, accessories and clothes: you’ll find them all.

So start by removing anything that will distract potential buyers and send them running away.

You may want to remove family and religious pictures, political items and images, and so on.

Give the room a thorough cleaning. To give an illusion of additional storage, leave open all closet doors.


  • Give your bedroom a focal point.


When staging a bedroom, know that furniture plays a central role. Furniture can make or break the deal! To start with, take away any furniture pieces that is not necessary. Your buyers won’t appreciate overcrowded rooms.

Next, ensure that core pieces like the chair, bed, and dresser are there. If there is even more room, you can add a side table.

The bed should ideally be the central piece of the room. So make sure its location is at the heart of the room. Decorate around it and add things like a lamp, bedside table, dresser, table and chair. If there is enough room to spare, of course.

Remember, you don’t want to have a crowded look here. So if you feel it is becoming crowded or if your budget is limited, you can do without things like a chair.


  • Use home décor to add personality to the bedroom.


You have decluttered the room and have added furniture. Now, it’s time to add home décor to add some personality to the room. You don’t want it to look bland, do you?

Home décor can be embellishments and accessories. Use these to draw your visitor’s attention to the room’s best features.

For instance, if the bed is the central piece, add a bedside table, a reading lamp, and expensive-looking bed linens and bedclothes will do the trick. Have a basket handy nearby to keep all essentials like towels. For a welcoming atmosphere, place flowers on the dresser or the table. 


  • Paint the walls


Bedrooms at your home are painted in colours you love. But when you are trying to sell the property off, it pays to spend on giving bedrooms a paint job.

If you can find out your buyer’s favourite colours, great! If not, you can pick neutral colours.

Try not to use bold colours, as that’ll mean costly repainting in future for a buyer. This may break a deal.


  • Allow more natural light


Some bedrooms don’t allow enough natural light. Others have dimmed lighting.

Sounds familiar?

Here is what you need to do!

The room is to be made light and bright. Invest in sheers and light curtains to let in enough light during the daytime.

Don’t use heavy draperies since they don’t allow much light in. Use light fixtures and bulbs to make the room brighter during the night.


To sum up

All this will still take time and effort, and money as well. But when you are trying to sell your home at a higher price, these steps will surely help.