Curtains in home decor: How to Jazz Up Your Interior with Curtains

Try curtains when you don’t want to change much in an interior design yet give it a different look. Curtains can transform your rooms; they give rooms a sense of completeness.  As they gently flutter amidst the calmness of a room, it seems like poetry dancing in its own rhythm. Pick up some good curtains […]

Try curtains when you don’t want to change much in an interior design yet give it a different look. Curtains can transform your rooms; they give rooms a sense of completeness.  As they gently flutter amidst the calmness of a room, it seems like poetry dancing in its own rhythm.

Pick up some good curtains to make your ceiling look taller. They draw eyes across a room, framing a view outside and accentuating its overall décor.

Want to use Curtains in home décor? Read this first!

Before we get to curtains, we must know about window treatments.

Why? It is because using curtains to beautify a room is a part of window treatment.

What are window treatments?

Window treatments are used to enhance the beauty and character of any room. Curtains are only one type of window treatment and one of the most common ones.

Window treatments of three types:

  • Hard window treatments include shades, shutters, and blinds made from hard materials like vinyl and wood.
  • Soft window treatments: Curtains, sheers, drapes, valances, and roman shades of various styles are some of the window treatments on the softer side.
  • Hybrid or layered window treatment: These are various combinations of the above two treatment types. Have curtain ideas that you want to try? Then go for layered window treatments.

Why do you need window treatments in interior design?

Window treatments add glamor, elegance, and personality to rooms, apart from letting in natural light without messing up your privacy. Window treatments can be the focal point in a room if you wish. They can also complement the color of the walls, and furniture with elegant curtains adds.

You’ve now learned what window treatment is but do you know how to apply it like a pro?

That’s up next!

Using curtains in home décor for living spaces

Now that you’ve understood the concept of window treatments and their relation to using curtains, let’s look at which curtains are ideal for two of the most important rooms of your home – the living room and the dining room.

Living spaces

Whether setting up your living room for the first time or giving it a makeover, try to focus more on the wall paint, the furniture, and the rugs. We tend to ignore an essential element that plays a huge role in beautifying the room – your curtains!

There are many window treatments and living room curtains ranging from chic and stylish to simple yet elegant ones. You can get the perfect solution for whichever style you wish to have in your living space, you can get the ideal solution.

For instance:

  • Floor-length curtains are ideal for a practical style
  • Sheer panels and semi-sheer panels are best if you want more natural light
  • Blackout shades are great for dimming incoming sunlight, for more privacy, and for a good night’s sleep
  • Gourmet panels are ideal for a stylish and dramatic look.

It all depends on how you want the room to look or how you want natural light to come in.

Are you still confused about the choices? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Off-white sophistication

Few things are better for giving your room a sophisticated look other than floor-length, like off-white curtains. Hanging from the beams, these elegant curtains gently graze the floor while letting in the soft warmth of sunlight. If your living area walls and furniture have a soft color tone, you can’t go wrong with off-white floor-length curtains. Besides paying attention to the length of the curtains, colors are also essential.

Jazz with the blues

If your room has a predominant mix of beige, blue, and white tones, blue-colored curtains will give your room a balanced look and create a soothing aura.

Dining rooms

Just like living rooms, we spend considerable time in our dining rooms. We enjoy meals with our loved ones at this place; it’s personal, and we have an emotional connection with this area. Revamp your dining room with these curtain ideas!

Patterned curtains

Generally, when buying window treatment, mainly curtains, we consider texture and color but forget about the print. Patterned curtains are charming and are available in a wide range of colors. Thus, these bright curtains can look as striking or subtle as you want!

Extra-tall curtains

Most professional designers will advise you to hang your curtains at least a few inches above the windows’ interior design. But for a more attractive and grand look, consider hanging these curtains higher. These aren’t your regular floor-length curtains since they don’t reach the floor. Imagine these extra-tall linen curtains hanging delicately just above the bold, dark wood floor of your dining room.

Curtain types you should know about

There are some terms or curtain types that may confuse you. In this section, we’ll talk about those a bit.

Roman blind

Roman blinds are made of mounting slats connected to cords on a fabric panel. When you lift the blinds, the threads pull all the slats together. The blind is thus folded into pleats. They are made of silk, cotton, linen, and synthetics, making them easier to pleat. Apart from materials, roman blinds are available in several patterns, colors, and textiles.

Why should you consider roman blinds?

It is because of this ease of controlling light. If it’s summer and you wish to block the heat and blackout the room, a roman blind is just the one to have. If it’s winter, you can buy a thermal lining roman blind for a more energy-efficient experience.

Pinch pleat

Pinch pleat curtains are highly decorative curtains. They draw various fabrics into a tightly gathered bunch at the top. They are usually available in permanently-sewn pleats and provide exquisite top-to-bottom folds. A pole or a track can effectively hold pinch-pleated curtains.

Where do pinch pleat curtains look best?

Pinch pleat curtains look lovely in any room, thanks to their heading. They are stylish and formal but sorted enough for casual settings. Pinch pleat curtains highlight a striking pattern or rich material due to their deep folds.

Window curtains are versatile and very high on utility. You can use them anywhere to hide flaws and enhance the look of a room, not just on doors and windows. So go ahead and find which ones would be the best to enhance the glamor quotient of your home.

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