How to make your room POP with texture

The addition of texture to a room changes how we perceive it to feel — that’s why it also affects how a room looks. A room with just four plain walls and the bare minimum amount of accessories might feel a little bland. Not only would it lack visual impact, but it would also take […]

The addition of texture to a room changes how we perceive it to feel — that’s why it also affects how a room looks. A room with just four plain walls and the bare minimum amount of accessories might feel a little bland. Not only would it lack visual impact, but it would also take away dimension from a space.

Those who are new to interior designing might overlook the element of textures. After all, most people think first about colour palettes and furniture placement when we speak of interior design. However, an experienced interior designer is trained to look at the room as a whole — which includes texturing — so as to really make the room pop.

Textures in a room can be found on any surface that stands out and has a tactile quality. There are plenty of ways you can add layers to your room to give it dimension, and these are the four simple categories anyone can start with to give their room an extra oomph!


There are so many customizable aspects of your wall you can play around with. From wallpapers to decor, the list never ends. Want to keep your room from looking flat and uninspiring? Why not start with your walls? Here are some simple touches you can add to your room to bring the entire look together.

  • Crown molding & wainscoting

Crown molding and wainscoting are both decorative elements that give your room a bit more personality than a flat wall. They are often finishing touches used to embellish a room.

Crown molding is only used at the top of a wall, thus the term “crown”. It is often done to cap columns, cabinets, or just to top off a wall to make a statement. If you are thinking of putting crown molding on your walls, you can also consider adding some panel columns to your walls. This not only gives your room a more luxurious personality, but it also spices up the entire shape of your room and prevents it from feeling like a basic rectangular space.

You can even go a step further by wainscoting your room. Wainscoting is a method of lining the bottom part of your walls with typically wooden paneling. Of course, these days tile and vinyl panellings have also become increasingly popular.

Wainscoting was initially designed to mitigate a wicking problem that appeared on plaster and drywall as the moisture in the air damaged the lower structures of the walls. Modern wainscoting, however, merely serves a decorative purpose.

In fact, a fairly well-known subset of wainscoting is breadboarding. A beadboard is a row of narrow wood planks lined on a wall, with indentations or ridges (known as beads) in between each plank. Depending on the patterns and colours of your beadboard, it can impart an elegant and sleek vibe to your room, and does not necessarily have to feel traditional or rustic!

  • Textured wallpaper

Using textured wallpapers in your room would bring about depth and dimension to your room which, let’s face it, is the ultimate goal. This can range from vinyl-coated wallpapers, and coated fabric wallpapers, to paper wallpapers. Most of these can be embossed to give it an extra luxurious textural effect. I know — it’s a lot to wrap your head around.

To break it down simply, vinyl wallpapers are durable, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. They are also waterproof, scratch-proof, and a lot more affordable compared to non-woven wallpapers.

Non-woven wallpapers, on the other hand, are made from natural materials including refined plant fibre and natural wood. They are lightweight, flexible, and breathable, which prevents mildew growth on the wall underneath. Due to the properties of the material, they may be slightly more difficult to install and remove. However, these wallpapers have excellent heat and sound insulation, which you might want to take into consideration when choosing a wallpaper.

Whichever type of wallpaper you ultimately decide to go with, just keep in mind that the patterns you choose also add to the sense of texture in a room, even if the wallpaper is flat. After all, the texture doesn’t have to be felt to be sensed. Alternatively, you can also create a textural illusion with a paint finish of a textured pattern.

  • Tapestries, art & decor

Wallpapers aren’t the only things you can put on your walls to give them extra texture! Why not try hanging tapestries as well as various art and decor? The diversity of fabrics and colours that tapestries and decor can contribute to your room will definitely level up the texture of your home. In fact, here’s a unique accessory: mirrors. Try hanging it up on your walls for maximum impact!

Additionally, you can also try layering various materials to up your texture game. That being said, make sure to avoid overloading a space with too many similar textures. It might backfire on you and end up cluttering your room instead. Too many overflowing sensations would only confuse the brain. Instead, start small with a handful of different textures and work your way from there. Remember to pit contrasting textures against each other — hard against soft, coarse against fine, smooth against rough — so that the textures really jump out at you.

Floors (rugs & tiling)

Now that we’ve discussed how to best add texture to your walls, we definitely have to give the same attention to our floors as well. How can we forget?

  • Tiling

Just as wallpapers spice up your room with their layers, the tiling you choose for your home can easily do the same. There are plenty — and I say plenty — of flooring types you can choose from. Laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, vinyl, porcelain, ceramic, stone tiles… the list is endless. You can, of course, opt for carpeting as well to complete the look and to really emphasize the number of textures you have in your room.

  • Rugs

Not a fan of carpets or unconventional flooring? No worries. A rug or two will also do the trick — they are a great statement piece to finish up your room. Even if you do have carpet flooring, you can still always opt to throw on a rug on top for that added layer of texture. Adding a few key pieces will really embellish your room, but never be afraid to combine multiple textural elements. Let the interior designer in you shine and bring the space to life!


Lightning is an unexpected and underrated aspect of the room that can also create an added sense of texture. Whether it’s the warm, natural light filling your room or soft, artificial rays, where you place your lighting can create just as much visual interest.

This is why windows are but another area that you can focus on to change up the textures in your room. Play around with different bulb temperatures and different light sources at different levels to achieve the best volume of illuminated textures.

  • Curtains, drapes, and blinds

Curtains and drapes are always a good choice when it comes to accessorizing your windows. In fact, even something simpler like blinds can also add texture to your room — so don’t underestimate it!

While having a window with a sophisticated trim does let it take on a more visual character, remember to soften out the harsh, sharp edges by installing some shades. Opt for neutral tones, since the material itself already creates a feeling of texture, and having too many colours may result in too much noise instead.

  • Greenery

Other additions you could incorporate into your windows are some plants and greenery. Not only do they add texture and life to an otherwise still room, but they also purify the air of toxins.

It’s possible to keep a room looking elegant and minimalistic while still incorporating textures into your room. The old adage of “less is more” still applies — as long as you keep only the functional pieces around, it will be difficult to go wrong with adding layers to your room. Be it plants, decor, rugs, or lighting, so long as you follow the rule of thumb you will be good to go.

Entrust Blaine Robert Design with the process of designing your room to craft the richest scheme for it. Let us bring it to life whilst keeping your home sophisticated, luxurious, and snug — the perfect space to live in.

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