When looking to decorate your house, most people worry over what furniture to get or which accessory to choose. To them, walls are simply an afterthought.

However, walls are an important part of the house. After all, four walls make up the foundation of a room. The way you set your wall up can tell a lot of things about you — and about how you want the room to be.

Do you want your living room to be a space to unwind after a long day, or a space where you entertain plenty of guests? Even just knowing this simple information can help you decide details from the colour to the pattern… to the type of wall treatment.

There are mainly two types: paint and wallpaper. Both are excellent choices and have their own pros and cons. In this article, we’ve broken these down into various factors to help you decide which you should use for your home.

  • Cost

One of the very first concerns that come to people’s mind is often how costly it is. The straightforward answer is that paint is generally less expensive than wallpaper. Of course, this depends on the brand and type of finish you choose. A higher-quality paint is more likely to cost more as well, though it might last longer.

Wallpapers will generally cost more for the paper as well as application materials. However, they are removable and even reusable, so it’s great not only for the environment but as a future investment. Although wallpapers are heftier on the wallet, they tend to last longer as compared to paint, which may balance out the cost.

  • Installation

Wallpapers tend to be more costly than paint in part due to the difficulty of installation. Generally, it’s a longer process, since there are plenty of steps involved in wallpapering. From measuring to cutting to pasting, each step requires the right tools and meticulous hands. Although there are more convenient options such as peel-and-stick wallpapers that are easier to install, it would still take prior experience and a lot of patience to do a decent wallpapering job.

Paint, on the other hand, is relatively easy to apply even without professional painters. Because it is also typically faster to paint a room, many homeowners opt to use paint as it is less fussy. Furthermore, it is easier to paint a new coat over a wall whereas you would need to strip down the existing wallpaper if you want an updated look.

  • Durability

Generally speaking, wallpapers tend to last longer than paint. Since paint tends to fade with time, you might need to get a fresh coat every 5 years or so. The more exposure to sunlight paint gets, the faster it fades. This is especially obvious on lighter colours.

Wallpapers are able to last an average of 15 years. Although it’s possible for some wallpapers to peel over time, it’s easy to fix with just a bit of wallpaper glue. Some types of wallpapers are even washable, allowing you to keep the walls fresh and clean. So if you’re not prepared to constantly touch up your walls, wallpaper might be the better option for you.

However, do keep in mind that it is not recommended to use wallpapers in rooms with lots of moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen. The moisture in the air may affect the adhesive that sticks the wallpaper to the wall, causing it to peel faster.

  • Variety

While many homeowners tend to prioritise this factor due to wanting to have a good aesthetic for your room, there are (and should be) many other considerations to keep in mind before you decide on the type of wall treatment you want.

Paints are often limited as they only come in various shades, whereas wallpapers offer plenty of designs and patterns to choose from. However, if you’re not picky about the style, paint can range in various finishes, from glossy to matte.

Wallpapers also have plenty of elaborate finishes and effects. They can be made from fabric, cloth, vinyl, or textured paper. They can also come with foil, glitter, and even pearl effects. The choices are endless!

Choosing the best walls for your home is often affected by factors such as your budget, the room you’re decorating, as well as how willing you are to upkeep it. If you still can’t make up your mind after reading this article, here’s a solution for you! Why not use both paint and wallpaper in the same room? Yes, it’s possible. Get the best of both worlds by contacting us for more information today!