Placing Mirrors the Right Way!

If there’s one thing that you can always find in a house, it’s a mirror. With mirrors being such an essential part of our interiors, the lack of knowledge people have on how to place them correctly in our rooms is surprising. Many often assume that having a mirror in their bathrooms and bedrooms is […]

If there’s one thing that you can always find in a house, it’s a mirror.

With mirrors being such an essential part of our interiors, the lack of knowledge people have on how to place them correctly in our rooms is surprising.

Many often assume that having a mirror in their bathrooms and bedrooms is good enough, and just leave it at that!

However, due to their reflective properties, mirrors should not be treated like your usual decorations. Rather, there is a set of rules one can follow in order to effectively use mirrors to make their room look instantly better.

Let us explain to you the best ways to place a mirror in your house in a way that complements your room.

  • Place mirrors near windows

Mirrors are best placed depending on where your windows are, and what vibe you’re looking to give off.

You can place mirrors opposite your windows to maximize the amount of natural light in your room during the day. This is great if you’re looking for ways to brighten up your room and introduce as much light as possible.

Alternatively, in a windowless room or in a room with small windows, you can place strategic mirrors beside or adjacent to it to create the illusion of your mirror being a window as well. This not only makes your room feel more spacious but opens it up as well.

Opt for mirrors that resemble traditional window frames such as those with decorative panes.

  • Place it in your hallway

One other area in your home where you can put mirrors is the hallways. In such a narrow space as that, a mirror opens up the walkway and redirects the attention of any guests entering your house. Furthermore, it gives a sneak peek of what’s to come into your house! Just make sure the view is reflecting something worthwhile. If it’s reflecting lively places such as the living room or dining room, a mirror can actually help to heighten the atmosphere by doubling the number of guests with its reflection. Win-win!

  • Place it in the center of a room

In rooms where there isn’t a centerpiece or any large furniture commanding it, a mirror works as a great substitute for a focal point. Choosing one with a beautiful ornate frame especially serves to highlight its presence in the room. Moreover, it can resemble a painting and act as a piece of decorative art when reflecting the right items.

Even in rooms where there is a centerpiece such as a mantel or a fireplace, a mirror can add to the decor and complement it further. Due to its reflective properties, mirrors can be very versatile in a room so feel free to experiment with them!

  • Place it beside lamps
  • Place it outside

This may sound absolutely bonkers, but mirrors work wonders outside of the house as well. For instance, if you have a garden or backyard lawn, you can prop a paned mirror against growing shrubbery to create the illusion of there being a secret door. By reflecting the flora and fauna outdoors, a mirror can also help to introduce more greenery into your house.

Alternatively, placing mirrors along the wall next to your seating area can also help to widen the space and make it feel cozier.

However, if you live in an urban area, you can also use mirrors to your advantage. On a north-facing balcony or terrace, you can place mirrors to introduce more natural light to that area. This also works for courtyards and enclosed gardens that might be shielded from the sun due to its respective position in the house.

  • Use mirrored furniture

Mirrors don’t always have to stand on its own. Nowadays, many pieces of furniture come with mirrors built into them, so you can have that reflective edge while still saving space. If you find that your bedroom is too small to put a full-length mirror in, opt for a mirrored wardrobe.

Another option is to incorporate mirrored dressers or side tables, which also help create the illusion of space by camouflaging the furniture with its surroundings. All in all, mirrored furniture can help to open up your room and make it look a lot more spacious than it actually is.

  • Mix shapes, sizes, and materials

This might go without saying, but mirrors come in all varieties. Whether you’re looking for a round mirror, a square mirror, or a rectangle mirror, you’re bound to find one that is just what you’re looking for. Don’t forget about the sizes as well! Small mirrors can serve as decor while large mirrors are perfect for lifting up the atmosphere by reflecting and multiplying whatever light enters the room.

Keep in mind the material and colour of the mirror frame as well. If you’re going for an industrial look, which may suit a bathroom, opt for black or grey metal frames. For a rustic bedroom, a warm-toned wooden framed mirror would complement it better. The different textures that mirror come in are built to complement different rooms, so be sure to pick the one best suited for the concept you’re going for.

  • Don’t hang it too high

Use the rule of thirds whenever you’re adjusting the mirror height. If you’re placing a mirror above, say, a dresser, measure the height of the dresser and double it, effectively “adding” an imagined height to the wall. The mirror should go exactly in the middle of that imagined height.

If you’re not placing your mirror above any furniture, you can divide your wall into three parts equally and keep the mirror at the intersection of the first line. Make sure, however, that you’re able to see yourself without having to crane your neck or slouch your back — if you do, it means the mirror is either too high or too low.

With all the tips that we’ve included in this blog, we hope that you’re now feeling brave enough to play around with your mirrors. More importantly, have fun while shifting them around! Mirrors are such a versatile piece of furniture that it’s hard to go wrong with them — and even if you do, it’s always a quick and easy fix. For more inspiration, check out our previous projects for the best ways to incorporate reflection into a room.

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