Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-Star Hotel Room Sanctuary

What’s in a 5-star hotel room that makes you wish to stay there forever? Is it the soft, luxurious bedsheets for lounging? Or the relaxing ambient lighting and elegant bathroom? We think it’s all of them. A specific luxury hotel vibe emanates from these individual interior design elements. But you know you cannot stay in […]

What’s in a 5-star hotel room that makes you wish to stay there forever? Is it the soft, luxurious bedsheets for lounging? Or the relaxing ambient lighting and elegant bathroom? We think it’s all of them. A specific luxury hotel vibe emanates from these individual interior design elements. But you know you cannot stay in a five-star hotel room forever. That’s why we’re sharing tips to turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel room. Read till the end to learn how to do it!

A Luxurious Bed Is A Must!

luxury 5-star hotel room

Beds are imperative to the five-star hotel experience, so invest in quality bed linens and cushions. A comfy, plush bed soothes tired muscles and improves your sleep quality. Most of you would agree that sinking into a comfortable hotel bed is one of the best traveling experiences. There’s nothing like a fantastic, comfy mattress to make you doze off and send you straight to sleep. Luxurious beds are undoubtedly the main highlight of a 5-star hotel bedroom.

A Four Poster Bedframe Fit For Royalty

5-star hotel room bed

We recommend picking a king-size four-poster bedframe; four-poster beds are traditionally associated with style and affluence. A distinctively British aristocratic vibe from them makes them an exclusive piece. This bedframe style is classic and doesn’t go out of style. Four-poster bedframes are excellent choices for a 5-star hotel vibe and also elevate your room’s elegance.

Old But Gold: Use A Headboard

Consider attaching an ornate statement headboard to the four-poster bed to draw attention. Interestingly, headboards were historically associated with royalty; ancient Egyptian pharaohs used them as a status symbol! But you don’t have to be a royal entity to enjoy the benefits of a headboard. Modern-day headboards are more practical and widely used. Headboards are attractive and functional; they insulate the room by stopping draughts and are beautiful statement decor pieces.

Mattress Toppers Are The Icing On The Top

5-star hotel room matress

Next, use a comfortable mattress topper to top off your bed. It makes your mattress feel extra soft and comfy while helping to retain heat. It’s perfect for snuggling up in bed on a cool, rainy day. You can also choose different variants to make your mattress cooler or firmer, according to your preferences. Mattress toppers also protect your mattress from sweat and odors, extending its longevity.

Add Some High Thread Count Bed Linens

Comfortable mattresses would only be very comfortable with soft bed linens. Luxury hotel rooms are well-known for their crisp white bed linens that evoke a sense of simple comfort. You’ve probably paused to admire the smooth white hotel bedsheets before lying down. Even after you’ve slept on them, the bed linens still look inviting and comforting.

Linen bedsheets are trendy because of their lived-in yet timelessly elegant look. They’re also good at regulating temperature, retaining a constant warmth or coolness for your utmost comfort. You can use them all year round during the hot months and cooler monsoon seasons.

We recommend buying 400-thread count, 100% cotton linens; higher thread count bedsheets are thicker and comfier to touch. Wash and iron the linens before fitting them over the mattress for that crisp white quality found in hotel bedsheets.

An Assortment Of Pillows And Blankets

You’ve got the blankets, bedsheets, mattress, and bed frame sorted. Now what? Finally, you’ll need an ensemble of pillows and fluffy blankets to finish your bedroom remodel. An assortment of pillows and duvets are great for sinking into bed but pay attention to their arrangement too.

Hotel interior designers recommend placing four pillows on the bed – preferably a mixture of down, feathers, and non-allergenic materials. Pull the duvet up and tuck it approximately ten inches below the mattress head. You can choose a thicker quilt for cooler rainy seasons and a thin blanket or comforter for warmer days.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A 5-Star Hotel Room with Perfumed Perfection

A pleasant-smelling hotel suite makes a beguiling first impression on you, so try replicating that effect in your bedroom. One top hotelier trick is to keep the room freshly ventilated constantly. Leave the windows open as often as possible for consistent air circulation. Ventilation removes lingering odors and brings fresh air into the bedroom, reducing its stuffiness. Fresh air can turn your bedroom into a refreshing place of refuge to rest and recharge for another day.

After you’ve cleared the air in your bedroom, lightly perfume it with candles, diffusers, flowers, and essential oils. Scents are expressions of personality and mood; the right fragrance will make your bedroom smell like a five-star boutique hotel.

Our favorite scents often trigger positive emotions, influencing our state of mind. Choose some of your favorite scented items to use in the bedroom. Place scented candles or a bottle of essential oil on the bedside table for aromatherapy. Wellness research shows that scents are therapeutic and great for alleviating stress and anxiety. Lavender essential oil is excellent for curing headaches, while tea tree oil treats skin irritations. Enhance the calming effect by dimming the table lamps for a darker environment conducive to rest. Scented items can be beautiful and functional, so use them as decorative room elements. A vase of fresh-cut flowers by the window or a potpourri sachet will do the trick.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A 5-Star Hotel Room But Don’t Forget To Spruce Up The Adjoining Bathroom

A five-star hotel’s bathroom is clean and elegant; that’s why it’s so pleasing to bathe inside. It’s where you clean up and refresh yourself before getting ready for the day or bed. You must match your five-star hotel bedroom with an equally impressive bathroom interior design for a complete home makeover.

Sometimes, all you need at the end of the day is a nice warm bath to unwind. The heated water and pristine environment relax your tired muscles and calm you down. It’s what makes five-star hotel bathrooms so enticing.

A clawfoot tub allows you to have a shower or a hot soak. Add some jars of bath salts, flower petals, and scented candles around the bathtub; you’ll feel pampered with decadence. Place freshly laundered towels and a fluffy rug nearby for drying up after your bath.

Hotels might be transient spaces of rest, but their interior design can inspire your home layout. Turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel room with these simple bedroom design tips. Make a beautiful bed and bathroom combination you’ll always love coming home to. The best part? Unlike a hotel room, you won’t have to leave it behind.

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