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Creating workspaces a place to be in

Commercial projects such Office & Lobby interior design are all about business. They are work spaces that focus solely on the business venture and the matter of generating profits and revenue. However, besides projecting business values, Offices must create an environment that fosters well-being as well as hard work. Therefore, it’s important to understand the core essence of the business and the types of values that they try to instil in their work force.

The Corporate Office concept, colour and overall look and feel have a positive impact on first impression to clients and the work force is more productive and prouder to work in a space that feels good. Therefore, doing our due diligence of the company’s core business and understanding clearly how the work force function within that environment is key to creating a design that improves productivity and brings employee wellness.

Common considerations of Office Interior Design Services

Clients tend to have grand plans for creating an office environment that they’ve always dreamed of working in.

However, as design is important, full attention to a realistic budget is advised. As design does affect performance, it isn’t the deciding factor to a company’s success.

As with all companies, there are generally a few to many departments that are instrumental to the smooth and successful running of the operation. Incorporating their core requirements fully to provide them the best opportunity to perform their duties well is vital.

Then, make sure it’s all wrapped up in a corporate design concept that brings true life to the business venture.

  • It’s important to follow all set guidelines of office buildings and make sure the clients are aware of what can and cannot be done during renovation works
  • Focusing on designing an office that has wow appeal but does not break the bank is advised.
  • Adhering the management restrictions and limiting inconvenience to other tenants is always a concern and at times unavoidable.
  • Restricting certain design elements that may look great but not necessarily be practical for the smooth and efficient running of an operation
  • Trying to incorporate all the wishes of each department within an organization should be limited to their core requirements and thus allocate budget better served to increase revenue
What an Office Interior Design project entails

Designing a commercial office space is fundamentally different to that of residential.

It is a space that must attempt to meet the demands of many people but yet of the core responsibility is to create an environment to fosters success within the organization.
It typically includes:

  • Preliminary analysis of company business
  • Understanding company core values and goals both personally and professionally
  • Detailed analysis of department planning and space planning for the office layout
  • Production of 2d and 3d drawings
  • Renovation permits and approvals
  • Fabrication in factory
  • Site construction works
  • Soft furnishings, feature and fittings installation
  • Handover and defect liability
Setting Standards in Luxury Design

Design and Decor for Asian Hospitality

Hotel and hospitality clients are a breed in themselves. Every hotel no matter the star rating either has a concept in mind or an international standard look and feel that must be adhered to. As an interior design firm, this type of client requires a vast amount of R&D as their hundreds if not thousands of guest weekly have the power to make or break their business. Thus, understanding their vision or brand and still incorporating a cultural twist that appeals to both the local and international market is imperative.

Creating a seamless flow to facilitate the guest experience must be thought of very carefully. Allowing the guests to manoeuvre through the property with ease fosters a good experience as the hotel is new to most guests and creating a design and flow with regard to its facilities and features is an aspect that is rarely considered yet very important.

Creating a seamless flow to facilitate the guest experience must be thought of very carefully

Common Considerations of landed properties design Work

It is sometimes overlooked that each and every department within a hotel have very valuable knowledge and experience to contribute to the guest experience.

Allowing each department to express their views in most advantageous to the design concept and more importantly the construction process. Hotels generally have budgets where compromises are required within the design. Thus, putting the money where the guest feels the biggest impact is a key factor.

While carrying out renovation works in Landed properties some factors come into play, such as
  • Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing designs must be the first focus of these types of renovations.
  • Space planning and flow must be considered very carefully prior to the overall design phase.
  • Adhering to hotel brand standards with regard to safety standards of materials is a must for these types of projects.
  • Taking into account space and flow for expected hotel guest volume is necessary to foster a good guest experience.
  • Careful consideration to work as usual during the renovation period is required to limit any inconvenience to current guests. Thus, phases must be identified and implemented to complete works while limiting hotel closure or customer satisfaction.
Setting Standards in Luxury Design

Hallway Design for EQ Hotel in Melaka
Pantry Design in Pullman Putrajaya
What a Hotel Interior Design Project Entails

The preliminary research and full understanding of the hotel brand or desired concept is more important here than in any other project. The time and effort utilized in clearly understand the brand and the guest is key to it’s success.

Full inspection of current M&E and plumbing features

Full discussions with management and departments with regard to issues of concern

Space Planning and Design Concept

Production of 2d and 3d drawings

Establish zones phases for construction

Seek approval from relevant authorities

Fabrication of carpentry works in factory

Site construction works with full supervision and project management

Furniture placement. Soft furnishings and accessories

Handover and defect liability period

Our Advantage in Landed House Renovation Projects

We take pride in clearly understanding the hotel brand or desires prior to even considering the design or renovation process.

As an established firm lead by a CEO with decades of experience of living and traveling all over the world, we know what works and what doesn’t at a hotel establishment. Our trusted partners both local and overseas provide us the best quality within our clients budgetary constraints and our ability to complete project within the clients delivery deadline is a key factor to our overall success.

Our key advantages –

  • We have had a vast amount of experience in the hotel industry.
  • We focus heavily on preliminary research and development prior to execution of both design and works
  • We insist on understanding clearly the obstacles and or views of all departments in order to create design to satisfy the guest experience and limit maintenance issues.
  • We strongly understand the need to run the hotel during the renovation period and are professional in our abilities to provide construction while business as usual.
  • Full site supervisory and project management team is at site to provide solutions and adhere to quality standard of design and build process.
  • Handling of tender works for ease in approval and process

Making dream homes from the start

A developer’s main responsibility is to build and sell. It is at this point where we are asked to come in to wrap up the project into a package that appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers. Therefore, it is important to fully understand the project and the customers. A show unit has only a moment or two upon the prospective buyer entering to make an impression. At this point, they decide whether it is worth their while to look around or to just move one.

Understanding the demographics of the buyer and their lifestyle assists greatly in the overall design concept provided for this type of project. Today’s urban buyers are particularly attracted to purchasing due to the show flat’s overall look and feel. Thus, it is wise to renovate a unit within the budgetary constraints of the buyer and utilizing the renovation budget to the max to create a home where everyone wants to live.

Initial space planning and structural space allocation is important to maximize the appropriate space for regular living.

Common Considerations of Show Units Interior Design

Properties are most appealing by square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Thus, initial space planning and structural space allocation is important to maximize the appropriate space for regular living. Often, bedrooms are constructed too small for an effective use of space and can then seem as a deterrent to the sales process.

Proper thought must be put in to design according to space restrictions. So, home office, music rooms, libraries or just additional storage space should be incorporated into the design concept to give buyers a realistic understanding how their family can best utilize the space. Limiting the need to make structural changes to the show unit in terms of extension or wall modification is advised as buyers don’t want the costly burden of structural changes even before considering the interior design renovation.

Things to take note of while doing Show Units are:
  • Working closely with developer / architects from the construction design phases is important but often overlooked
  • Allocating a realistic budget that meets to design appeal but also the buyers expected renovation budget is vital to creating a show unit that is sellable
  • Limited the use of vibrant colours within the expensive portion of the renovation is advised as neutral colours are more appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers yet punching up the design concept with less expensive home furnishing and accessories
  • Be fully prepared, organized and efficient is essential for show room renovations. Deadlines are tight in the segment and meeting the clients design expectation and timeline is a must
  • An effective communication line is very important as show units tend to have many people and departments involved and the communication needs to be established clearly
Setting Standards in Luxury Design

Hotel Room Design for Dorsett in Subang
EcoWorld Show Unit Design in Kota Kemuning
What a Show Units Design Project Entails

Designing a Show Unit is like designing it for the home owner. Except for the fact many people take a professional interest in the outcome for many different reasons..

Architectural space planning

Research into client demographics

Design concept

Production of 2D, 3D drawings and visuals

Fabrication of built in works

Project management and site supervision

Installation of core furniture

Installation of all soft furnishing, artwork and accessories

Handover and defect liability period

Our Advantage for Show Unit Interior Design

Show Flats and
Show Units are in some respect the core essence of interior design.

Our Founder & Creative Director – Blaine Robert himself is available to developers to provide talks on ID (dos and don’ts) for current and prospective buyers

The full realization of a home is provided from start to finish right down to the tableware provided. Thus, this type of project allows us to fully create and execute the best of the best for the interest of both the developer and home purchaser. Understanding not only design but what appeals to the greatest number of buyers is very important. Thus, having a lot of experience in the segment is vital to overall success. This is a key strength of Blaine Robert Design.

  • Years of experience with Showroom unit creation
  • We work diligently to understand the developer project concept and research heavily the prospective buyer demographics
  • We have a team of trust partners that meeting the quality standards of the Blaine Robert Brand
  • We are a custom furniture manufacturer who is able to produce one of kind pieces for our show unit projects
  • Full photographs/videos and event launching upon completion of projects

What our customers are saying

Office Completed during the MCO Period We would like to thank Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd. for their professionalism in meeting our expectation and especially for getting our office completed during the MCO period. It was a tough time but their organization and ability to get things moving forward was greatly appreciated. We enjoyed working with Blaine Robert and his team and look forward to doing many more things with them in the future.



What our customers are saying

Blaine Robert Design was appointed as the Interior Designer for KL Metropolis Show Gallery by Naza TTDI in mid-2016. The chemistry between both teams were good and Blaine managed to deliver the gallery on time despite several last minute changes from Naza's side. He didn't just make the gallery aesthetically pleasing but he also transformed the space into a very comforting space to be in. It was a pleasure working with Blaine & his team over the course of 4 months as they understood the vision that Naza had for the gallery and they definitely delivered way above the expectation. We would definitely recommend him to others.






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