10 Powder Room that Delighted Us in 2021

What are powder rooms? Why are they called that, and since when? Should you have one at home? What were the finest powder room designs from 2021? If all these questions are plaguing your mind, don’t worry. We’ll address all of these, in this article. Let’s begin! Why do we call them powder rooms? If […]

What are powder rooms?

Why are they called that, and since when?

Should you have one at home?

What were the finest powder room designs from 2021?

What are powder rooms?

If all these questions are plaguing your mind, don’t worry. We’ll address all of these, in this article.

Let’s begin!

Why do we call them powder rooms?

If you look at real estate listings, you’ll see that properties having half baths are known as powder rooms. They are often most desirable and multiply property value.

Where are they located?

Powder rooms are usually found on the ground floor. You can also place them separately from the rest of the rooms. It gives them a place of attention and the feel of a special place in the house.

But that still doesn’t explain why they are called powder rooms.

The story behind the name

Do you know what the most fashionable item in Europe was in the 1700s?

Wigs! Apart from a sizable wardrobe, of course!

Only the elite and affluent personalities had wigs; it was that expensive. So, having a wig was a status upgrade; it makes you counted amongst the elite group. .

Coming back to the powder room story, indoor plumbing was not that commonly used. Especially in 16th century France, going to the ‘toilet’ meant something different than what we know today. This is where wigs come in!

Wigs were part of a regular dress and there were separate rooms for powdering one’s wig during any special event. Gradually, powder rooms became synonymous with one’s social standing. The room’s name was so popular that it stuck even after indoor plumbing became common.

Powder rooms saw renewed popularity after World War 2. Thanks to modern housing plans and a real estate boom, all homes had at least one bathroom. This means having a second bathroom was fairly easy. These were converted into powder rooms. They allowed guests to use the facilities without going into the property’s more private areas.

The saying ‘powder your nose’ quite recently came into use. It was made after makeup for women became common.

Value of having a powder room at home today

If you have a powder room, you can be sure of having a higher resale value for the property. However, the same can be said for properties having more than one bathroom. According to a survey conducted in 2017, properties with extra bathrooms were sold at 24% higher resale prices on average than properties with just one bathroom. Isn’t that quite a motivation to have an additional bathroom?

What is the difference between powder rooms and bathrooms?

If you see real estate listings, you’ll see property features such as half-baths, three-quarter baths and powder rooms.

What do these mean?

We have given you a brief history of the powder rooms above. But let’s add some more understanding here.

Powder rooms are also known as guest baths and half baths.

These are called so because they generally consist of just one of the four bathroom components, like a sink and a toilet.

Other bathrooms

Full bathrooms have all four facilities: tub, shower, sink and toilet. It can also include a linen closet, makeup station and double sink.

Three-quarters bathrooms have a shower, sink and toilet.

Quarter baths are the rarest variety and have only the toilet.

Now that you know what powder rooms are and how it is different from bathrooms let’s look at…

Ten powder rooms that delighted us in 2021

These ten gorgeous powder rooms from around the world have left us spellbound.

These come in a wide range of styles and designs:

  • Floral wall coverings
  • Aubergine painted walls
  • Marigold-coloured wall tiles

We are sure you’ll love these designs below as well.

Let’s begin!

  • Colour galore


It is amazing how mere paint and coloured tiles can produce a fresh zing for life. The tiles here are custom-built, and Antonia Campi made the pedestal sink.

  • Stately marble

Stately marble

Marble is something that can bring a sense of luxury and beauty anywhere. Here the designer created linear scones and a gorgeous marble sink.

  • Natural beauty

Natural beauty

If you don’t care much for overly coloured paints, tiles and decorations galore, you can just choose a natural look. It doesn’t need to be rustic. For instance, here, you can see a custom-made soapstone sink, walls lined with unfinished oak to produce a warm yet stately look, and an antique mirror to complete the magic.

  • Floral wonder

Floral wonder

This is one of those kinds of powder rooms that one would love to show off and which guests remember for a long time. This room comes with a beautiful floral wall cover to brighten the mood, branded scones and wooden and wicker vanity items.

  • For nature lovers

For nature lovers

We think this powder room is quite classic, thanks to the envious wall covering from Sanderson Wallpaper alone!

  • Minimalism


Sometimes, minimalism is the key. This spare bathroom at a Harlem bachelor’s pad sports a grey-hued plaster wall that contrasts the sizable mirror and the bright green plant.

  • Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

If you want to stand out (and show off your powder room, too!), you can take inspiration from this design. The patterned wall sports bold tiles with high contrast that you just can’t ignore!

  • Natural light

Natural light

If your powder room comes with a good view outside, you can take inspiration from this one. The white walls and luxurious onyx marble basin is awe-inspiring. However, the magic that happens is due to natural light.

  • Golden opportunity

Golden opportunity

Here dark tiles from Heath Ceramics offer a beautiful contrast to the custom design marble and bronze vanity.

  • Embrace the mystery

Embrace the mystery

We’d like to end with this one; saving the best for last!

For a mysterious and gorgeous look, we think you’ll love this one. This is a powder room of the designer Tatyana Miron Ahlers. If you love the wall covering, and we know you do too, it is from Twigs!

Signing out

These are some of the most outstanding powder room designs worldwide. Most of the designs have branded and custom products, designs and fixtures, but not all. If you want to incorporate a design in your room, you need to look at the room first.

  • What are its dimensions?
  • Does it have windows and good views?
  • Does it receive ample natural light?
  • What are your tastes and preferences?

In that case, we recommend you contact an interior designing expert.

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