Would You Rather: Blaine Robert Edition

Oftentimes when you’ve been doing something for so long, it becomes second nature to you. That is what designing is to Blaine Robert – one look and he’s able to point out the aspects of a room which can be improved on; what needs to be fixed; what needs to change. It’s almost as if he doesn’t need to think!

For us aspiring designers and common folk, it might be more difficult to decipher what exactly about our room is missing. That’s why we’ve asked Blaine to answer some rapid-fire Would you rather? questions to get an insight into his line of thought. We started off with some simple personal questions, and once we had a rhythm going, we began to delve into his subconscious design preferences. Here’s what he had to say.

Dogs or cats?
Blaine: Both.
Explanation: I’m more of a dog person during the day. Cat person at night.

Coffee or tea?
Blaine: Coffee.
Explanation: As long as it’s anytime before 3pm!

Movies or TV shows?
Blaine: TV shows.
Explanation: A good TV show that gets me hooked is worth a binge.

City or country?
Blaine: City city city!

Rustic or modern?
Blaine: Both.
Explanation: Depends on what I’m feeling at the moment. Rustic when I’m moody. Modern when I’m relaxed.

Wood or metal?
Blaine: Wood.
Explanation: With a touch of metal. But just a touch.

Curtains or blinds?
Blaine: Both.
Explanation: Depends on the mood.

Sofa or chair?
Blaine: Sofa.
Explanation: Not to sit on…. but to lie on.

Less or more?
Blaine: More. Always more.

Colourful or neutral?
Blaine: Neutrals.
Explanation: Always neutrals, but a slight pop of color turns me on.