How to Dress a Bed

The bed is possibly the one spot in your entire house you spend the most time in — so it only makes sense to invest the time and effort to make it look good and feel good. The way you dress your bed often says a lot of things about you. Are you a lazy […]

The bed is possibly the one spot in your entire house you spend the most time in — so it only makes sense to invest the time and effort to make it look good and feel good. The way you dress your bed often says a lot of things about you. Are you a lazy person? Do you have a busy lifestyle? How much do you prioritise sleep?

As the one place where you start and end your days, making it as comfy and inviting as possible becomes a priority. Imagine the best hotels and the way they dress their bed for guests. Nine times out of ten, you already wish you could snuggle in one of those beds. How do they do it?

Afraid not; we’ve compiled a few tips you could follow to get your bed looking like it’s made out of clouds and dreams.

  • Choose a colour scheme

The first order of business when dressing your dream bed is to decide on a colour scheme. The bed linens and bedsheets are perhaps the foundation of any good bed. To achieve the perfect bed dressing, you need to start with the basics.

You can’t go wrong with white bedsheets, for starters — they act as the perfect neutral base for you to work with. For the rest of your bedding, however, it is best to choose a colour scheme that ties in with the rest of your bedroom. What style is your bedroom in? What atmosphere do you want to create with your bedding?

Warm hues create a warm and cosy atmosphere, while neutral shades create a clean and fresh vibe. Alternatively, you can also opt for patterned sheets or prints on them if you want a bolder look.

If you want your bed to be in the centre of attention, you can also build the theme of your room design around your bed. In such cases, your bedding must be of a bold design so that it stands out as the focal point. Choose complementary colours and accessories for the rest of your bedroom to come together.

  • Layer your bed

Another way to make your bed appear comfier and more luxurious is to throw on as many layers as you possibly can. There are so many ways you can layer a bed — from throws to blankets to bedspreads. Besides looking inviting, adding layers such as a flat sheet or a thin quilt can help if you and your partner have different sleeping temperatures.

Since you’ve already decided on a colour scheme previously, you can shop for a complete bedding set to make it easy for you to compile everything together. What better way to layer your bed and make sure it blends well than to buy an entire set of bedding? However, if you prefer to mix and match different styles, you can also purchase each layer separately.

Throws are becoming trendier when it comes to dressing the bottom corners of your bed. The more casual and informal they look, the better — neatly draped throws make a bed look less exciting and less relaxing as well. You can also add a bedspread to refresh your bedding style instantly — switch up between different colours and patterns to upgrade the look!

Try to use different textures for a better, more glamorous effect. Satin, silk, and velvet are all potential options and help give your bedding the finishing touch.

  • Opt for reversible duvet covers

Reversible duvet covers are all the rage right now. They pretty much offer a two-in-one for those that can’t make up their minds. With two options to choose from, you can switch between the two looks daily and even mix the different prints on each side just by turning down the top of the duvet!

If you like to have two duvets, you can also double up with two-pack beddings. These are generally designed to complement each other, so you can create a bed that looks straight out of a showroom effortlessly.

  • Indulge in pillows

Pillows and cushions are a great way to introduce different colours and elements into your bedroom. A riddled bed with pillows is more likely to appear comfier and more luxurious than one with the bare minimum — but how many is enough, and how many is too much?

Depending on the size of your bed, an average of three to six pillows should be used — no more, no less. If all you’ve got is a single bed, stick with just three pads. On the other hand, a king-sized bed can hold up to six pillows and still look elegant rather than overcrowded.

Another commonly asked question regarding pillows is whether one should tuck them in under the duvet or propped on top. Well, if you want to recreate the look of a hotel bed, the best way is to position them over the duvet, just the way the hospitality industry does it. Go for an oxford pillowcase while you’re at it!

Want to indulge in your pillows even more? Pillow shams exist for this very reason. The decorative covering will provide more excellent contrast and looks fantastic on top of a regular pad. Alternatively, you can throw on some cushions on your bed — yes, they can belong there too!

Two pairs of cushions on your bed will amp up the lush vibe even more. Keep them symmetrical and upright for that instantly stylish look. Invest in pillows of different sizes, shapes, and designs for a more eclectic vibe. Better yet, try to incorporate as many different textures as possible. You can get cushion covers for this so that it’s easier for you to switch them up depending on your mood.

  • Use quality bedding

The best way to ensure a good night’s sleep, more than beautiful bed sheets and plump pillows, is good quality bedding. Not only do they feel great on the skin, but they can withstand regular washing and therefore last much longer. After all, you’ll get what you paid for.

Linens and kinds of cotton are excellent bedding material. If you want to be particular and exact, top hotels often use linens with a 300-400 thread count. To maximise your bedding as much as you can, plump out your pillows and duvets by shaking them before dressing the bed. This helps to even out the filling, rests smoothly on the bed, and comfortably supports your sleep.

Try out some of these tips and see if your nightly slumber feels all the more amazing! A good night’s rest is one’s start to a great day. Why not upgrade your bedroom experience now and adopt these methods today? Be it you or your guests, and no one’s going to want to leave their beds with a bed as luxurious as these.

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