Rugs are like artwork for the floor — they can transform an entire space in a split second. Though many homeowners do not consider picking out suitable rugs for their freedom, this decision alone can change up the whole atmosphere of your room.
Want your house to have a luxurious yet cosy vibe? Throw in a rug — not only are rugs affordable, but there are endless options to pick from. Rugs are gaining more popularity in homes now, mainly since they are a lot easier to upkeep than carpets.
That being said, choosing the right rug for each room is not as simple as it seems. Since rugs are often one of the last additions — after the rest of the furniture has been placed — the rugs you choose can make or break a room. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when selecting a rug for your home:

  • Size

Rug Size

The size of your rug matters a lot, not just depending on the dimensions of your room but also on your furniture and how they are placed. For instance, in the living room, you want your furniture to be comfortably seated on top of your rug. Therefore, it makes more sense to choose a larger rug for your living room. More often than not, homeowners tend to make the mistake of selecting a rug too small for their living room.

Similarly, rugs in the dining room should be big enough so that the chairs remain on it even when they are pushed back from the table. This prevents the chair from dragging over the edges of the rugs, which are one of the weakest parts of a rug. Furthermore, it can also help you avoid tripping over the edges as well.

  • Shape

Shape of Rug

Size is not the only thing you should be concerned about. There are more than just your standard rectangular and round rugs — but which should you choose for your room? The main rule to abide by is that your rug should reflect the shape of the furniture arranged on top of it.

Alternatively, the shape of your room can also play a part in deciding what rug shape you should choose. If your room is long and lengthy, select a rug that follows suit rather than opting for a circular or oval rug. Doing so will only alienate the corners and make the room look narrower than it is.

  • Colour and pattern

Color and Pattern of Rug

The colour of your rug can set the atmosphere of the entire room. To help your rug go better with the rest of your furniture, think about what colour or pattern suits the style you’re aiming for. A patterned rug can spice up your room with some variety if your room is looking too plain. A bold pattern on a small rug can make a room appear larger than it is.

Alternatively, if your room is filled with bold colours, a neutral-coloured rug would help tone it down. You can also incorporate a colourful rug even if you already have a bright room. Just make sure that the colours don’t clash, but rather, go well together. This way, you have a well-balanced space that looks put together instead of a visually cluttered room.

  • Material

Material of Rug

The rug’s texture plays an essential part in not only how your room looks but how it feels. Wool rugs, for one, would add warmth and softness in an otherwise stoic room. On the other hand, silk rugs create a sense of comfort and luxury.

There are many types of rugs: tufted, braided, woven, knotted, and hooked. The way a rug is crafted can affect its pile — which refers to its surface. Rugs can have high, plush piles, or low and smooth ones. It would be best if you tried to match your rugs with the existing tones and textures of the other furniture in the room.

  • Durability and maintenance

Durability and Maintenance

As briefly mentioned, you should avoid using plant fibres in areas with high traffic. This includes bamboo, jute, silk, hemp, and sisal. Instead, opt for hand-tufted or hand-woven rugs that have a tight weave or high knot count. These rugs can last longer in such areas as they are made to handle high pressure and wear and tear.

Depending on your lifestyle, you might want to avoid choosing high-pile rugs as these are generally harder to clean. Switch to a flat-weave rug instead, particularly if you have children or pets, as they are easier to clean and mask stains better. Keep in mind that most rugs need to be vacuumed and rotated regularly, so be prepared to put in the work!

Choosing a rug from the wide variety that exists seems challenging but not impossible. By considering the factors mentioned above, you would narrow down better what type of rug you would need that would fit your room.

There is also always the option of layering rugs if you find that you are still unable to decide! Doing so can add more interest to your room — especially if you layer rugs of different colours and patterns atop each other. Since rugs take up so much visual space in a room, choosing the perfect rug can define your space just the way you want.