Light Matters: Colour Lighting Ideas For The House

How do you see what you see? It is ‘light’ falling on an object(s) or people who make them visible. It is the essential but indispensable truth of an individual’s existence. Light invades through the dark wee hours of the night and declares day! See how important light is; how can you then ignore using […]

How do you see what you see? It is ‘light’ falling on an object(s) or people who make them visible. It is the essential but indispensable truth of an individual’s existence. Light invades through the dark wee hours of the night and declares day! See how important light is; how can you then ignore using the light the right way in interior design?

Your home is your space; often, we try radical and expensive ideas to make the area attractive for guests. It’s the owner who is going to live there and not their guests.

Let us throw some light on some exciting ways to use light in interior décor!

Colour Lighting Ideas For Home Décor

Lights have always been an essential element in designing an interior. Interestingly, despite being such a necessary element and using it in all forms, there is yet untapped potential. When it comes to home décor, nothing is more. Coloured lighting creates a visual story or drama inside an interior that you would love to enjoy. So, here we are, sharing some exciting ideas, and we are simultaneously working on them.

  • Solid and single


When we speak of pigmented lighting, it is a solid colour that jumps in front of us; almost subconsciously. Single and solid-coloured lights are one of the most common versions of coloured light system. But please don’t assume this to be boring; a single colour doesn’t always have to be boring. It’s suave and straightforward, clean and chic. Usually, we use solid colour lighting for bigger rooms inhabited by usual users.

  • Lonely corners


We love corners; what about you? Chatters, clutter and chime are pretty far from these corners; these are just the perfectly peaceful areas. Often people focus on having pigmented lights for an entire room. We would suggest you try having different shades of colour light for some of the chosen corners. Of course, it has to go well with the overall house décor.

  • Patches and perfect


Do you remember sprinkling glitters on the floor? We have done this several times. We are saying this here because we suggest creating light patches with different shades of light. You can install a cluster of tiny lights in a single colour and see how it makes a magical illusion in the space. Aren’t that perfect and something you desired a long time ago?

  • Spotlight effect


Most of us are a shopaholic, but do trust random options when picking up the right light? One of the best things with a spotlight is that you can create the impression of a different space within a single room. For instance, you have a small dining area; you can install a spotlight just above the table. Please switch it on to make it look like a different area altogether and switch it off to merge the backgrounds. Isn’t that simple?

Which light?

Not every light is suitable for every place. You need to do a little bit of homework or explain the entire thing to your designer and let them do the job. Usually, we use pigmented lights for a whole room; we use corner lights, spotlights and smaller lights to highlight specific areas.

  • Lights, Color, Home Interior And You

We have always believed that home is one of the basic needs; of course, it is but, it’s much more than that. Home is security, the den for peace, the ultimate comfort zone and a crucial element that shapes an individual’s personality.

How could have we missed this one? The house can be a brick and mortar structure, but it is ‘your space;’ you live there and thrive with the right set of furniture and decorating ideas.

Just above, we have elaborated on how vital a house is for the overall development of an individual. The colour and decorating stuff, even light fixtures or anything else, accentuate the appeal of an interior. When a person breathes in this space, its aura highly influences their life and living. We would highly recommend you to pay attention to every detail in designing your home.

If you can spare some more time, you must explore some unique light ideas. The right light can transform a given area. It could be living room lighting, or kitchen, or bedroom, or even corridors.

  • Rooms And Their Lights

We often use a single kind of lighting arrangement for all the rooms, but that’s an injustice to your efforts in creating unique interiors. We strongly recommend using different types of light ideas for separate rooms.

  • Lights for your living room

When experimenting with interior designing ideas, talking about living room décor and lights is what we genuinely love. The area is big, like a giant canvas for creating the most beautiful image. Ambient lights are great for a living room; they fill up space with soft light. One point lights are pretty powerful and very bright; the light often hits the eye. Depending on the taste of your area, you can either go for a chandelier, or pendant lights, or close-to-ceiling lights or any other variants.

  • Illuminated bedroom

If anyone says bedrooms are for sleeping only, you shouldn’t talk to that person, ever. It is a common perception but a wrong one. It often discourages you from creating a beautiful bedroom interior. If you are living a balanced life, then you should be grateful for your bedroom. If not, you must redo your bedroom décor with good lighting ideas, of course.

Ideally recessed lights are great, because it illuminates the area softly, and sufficiently. If you are a reader, you can go for sconces on both sides of your bed. Some ceiling fans come with lights, too, and they are suitable for overhead lighting.

  • Lights for your kitchen


This area is a powerhouse for its inhabitants, and one must use sufficient light for this space. Besides the usual ambient lighting, you can install task lighting in the cooking area. Adequate light is essential while cooking; this kind of light ensures enough light while cooking. It also makes the place look great – clean and sharp. Cabinet lights are a smart alternative and very sophisticated.

When it comes to light, please remember that it’s essential. However, you don’t need to treat it like a staple requirement; that robs away creative ideas and makes them relatively mundane. We hope you try the ideas suggested here that go well with your interior. We would love to hear from you about how coloured light ideas helped you.

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