The Best Throw Blankets for Every Season and Situation

Throw blankets are worth their weight, but they still come at a hefty price. Based on where and how they are made, these items can be a good investment for your home. There are a few elements that separate throw blankets from beddings. The former comes with more designs, textures, material blends, and weights than […]

Throw blankets are worth their weight, but they still come at a hefty price. Based on where and how they are made, these items can be a good investment for your home.

There are a few elements that separate throw blankets from beddings. The former comes with more designs, textures, material blends, and weights than the latter.

So if you want to know:

  • Which throw blankets you can bank on
  • Which blankets are perfect for picnicking, decorating, and cuddling

This article is for you.

Read on!

Throw Blankets Are Worth Their Weight

What to consider before buying a throw blanket

When it comes to buying throw blankets, please pay attention to their material before anything else. It determines the quality, texture, and appearance of the item. Natural materials depend on the environment where they are produced. However, synthetic materials have come a long way as well. Today, they rival and even outmatch natural materials like cashmere, wool and fur in look, feel and performance.

Before you start considering the material for a throw blanket, here are a few factors that you should consider.

  1. Where will you be placing it?
  2. Do you have a definite colour scheme or design in mind?
  3. What should be its size?

The good news is that we have broken down the significant factors to consider into more minor variables to help you decide easily!


Blankets Material

There are synthetic blankets, but they may not be readily available all the time. Now, this is not the case for all synthetic materials. However, if your priority is to find a blanket that is cosy and looks great, there are blends of cashmere, wool, and cotton and even mixes of nylon and polyester. Sometimes, such combinations produce the softest and most long-lasting blankets.

What if you want a completely all-natural material? Which wool is the best? Is cashmere always the top pick? Here is a breakdown of some natural materials to help you out.

  • Wool:

When a label says “wool”, it usually means sheep wool. This material is more porous than alpaca, filled with air pockets, and is heavier and thicker than alpaca. However, it is still just as soft. As for its quality, wool is top-notch and great for year-round use, especially in the winters.

  • Alpaca:

The material here is hollow, which gives the whole product surprising strength. The knight is lighter than other woollen items but is tighter with a finer knit. Alpaca wool is water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and protects you considerably from fire. Like wool, alpaca is excellent for the winters and used all year round.

  • Merino:

This variety of wool has unique qualities that separate it from the rest. It absorbs and eliminates more odor-producing bacteria than other wools. Its quality makes it suitable for being worn in warmer and more humid climes.

  • Cashmere:

Cashmere items are some of the most expensive things you can have. And for good reasons too! The fibre is one of the softest and finest globally, a quality it does not lose even when blended with wool or cotton.


Natural fibres like wool and cashmere will sink if they are not washed and dried correctly. When in doubt, follow the brand’s instructions. If you still doubt that, the best thing to do is get the blanket dry cleaned or have it hand-washed in cold water with a mild natural detergent before air drying it.

Synthetic items are mostly machine washable, but read the instructions before buying. Some may not align with your lifestyle.


Here are some certifications to look out for when buying throw blankets, mattresses, beddings, napkins, and table runners.


Throw blankets are more for decorating a room but can be used on your bed and other surfaces as well. The size is generally 50” by 60”. Lately, brands are offering more oversized throw blankets to cater to people working from home. These are large enough for wrapping up, and it is equally good for displaying. Isn’t it?


Throw blankets are mostly made from natural materials like cotton, cashmere, wool, and hemp. They cost more than their synthetic counterparts but are worth it, and you must take adequate care. If you want less expensive items, pick a blend of cashmere and cotton or wool.

What to Look for when-Buying Carpet


What to look for before buying?

Here’s what you must consider before buying.

  • Quality: What is the material? Where was it produced? Does it shed or peel off?
  • Look: What is the size? Is the look attractive enough? Does it fold, drape and display well?
  • Feel: Is it soft, thin, or thick? Is it heavy or light? Is it heated?

With that out of the way, it’s time to look at…

The best throw blankets of all purposes, seasons, and situations

  • Best Overall and in Luxury: Avocado Green Luxury Organic Cotton Throw Blanket

Best Overall in Luxury

Expensive does not always mean it’s the best. In our journey to find the best throw blanket, we looked at quality, look, feel, material, and ease of maintenance instead of brand, cost, and other things not relevant to quality. Avocado’s Green Collection offers you a wide range of choices, including cashmere, organic cotton, merino wool, natural and organic throw blankets. The products have tight-knit, which keeps them soft and cosy.

It is best for the environment-conscious and for those looking for the perfect throw blanket.

  • Best in Value: ArhausHerrinbone Throw

Best in Value Blanket

The Arhaus Herringbone Throw is a meaningful investment. It’s made from the perfect blend of wool and cashmere, making it light as a feather, soft in touch, and yet elegant for all-year use. It will surely draw in tons of compliments from guests.

The Arhaus Herringbone Throw is best for those who want something luxurious but are price-conscious.

  • The best-weighted product: Bearaby Tree Napper

The Best Weighted Product

The Bearby Tree Napper isn’t cheap, but it is worth every dollar. It is unique; it doesn’t have beads that disturb weights in throw blankets. It is eco-friendly and is super-smooth in touch. As it is made from eucalyptus fibres and has an excellent knitted design, it can boast exceptional air circulation, enabling it to remain cool throughout the day.

It is the perfect product if you want something unique and cool, sans fibres, and completely eco-friendly.

  • Best heated product: Bedsure Faux Fur Heated Throw.

The Best Heated Product

It has premium quality fur and is well insulated. Now, isn’t that perfect?

Now, you can finally cosy up with a good book or with your loved one in a cosy corner of your home. The Bedsure Faux Fur Heated Throw is luxury personified, and it is silky to touch and is comfortable even without the heating. By the way, the heating cord is detachable, so don’t worry about that entwining around you while you rest! And when you activate the internal heating, you have four heating levels to choose from.

One of the best things about this product is that it gives you internal heating for 7 to 10 hours! That’s enough for a good night’s sleep, isn’t it?

The Bedsure Faux Fur Heated Throw is made from 100% polyester and is machine washable. It is the perfect companion for those biting cold winter months.

  • Best for all seasons- Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw Blanket

The Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw Blanket has a gorgeous look and is incredibly stylish. With its cable-knit design, it is pretty appealing. It is excellent for round-the-year use, is made from 100% cotton, and is easy to wash! The Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw Blanket has a medium weight and will give you hours of comfort with its super softness and cosiness.

If you want something you wish to use all year round, the Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw Blanket is unmissable!


So there you have it! We have told you:

  • How to choose the best throw blankets for every season
  • Which blankets are ideal for various circumstances

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your desires and lifestyle. Hopefully, this article will help you to make an informed decision.

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