What’s Trending in the Dynamic World of Interior Design?

The world of interior design is getting its very own refurbishment. Some trends are making a comeback and some are never-seen-before! A select few made a huge impact this year and the rest are gearing up for the upcoming year. It is truly an exciting time of quick adaptability and creative flexibility. As homes transcend […]

The world of interior design is getting its very own refurbishment. Some trends are making a comeback and some are never-seen-before! A select few made a huge impact this year and the rest are gearing up for the upcoming year. It is truly an exciting time of quick adaptability and creative flexibility. As homes transcend to workspaces and offices change their setup into meeting-oriented layouts, Blaine Robert Design has identified key factors that will be featured in the spotlight in 2020 and 2021.

Embracing Earth Tones


During this period of the enclosure, earthy colours symbolize a sense of warmth and nature and encapsulate the feeling of being outdoors. Chocolate brown, burnt orange, olive green, and yellow ochre are some of the shades that are in demand. Wood, plants, and metals are additional features that fall under this trend, and much of the furniture is either adapted with these or mimics these materials.

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Lightweight and long-lasting, this is a trending material that gives aesthetically pleasing results. Rattan is made of a fibrous and flexible plant whereas wicker is a type of weave. Both are durable materials that give long-lasting results. Rattan and wicker furniture is versatile and can seamlessly complement the rest of the design elements. Striking a balance between elegant and comfortably casual, they are definitely here to make a statement.

Fabulously Curvy

Rounded, plump furniture designs are the physical definition of comfort and are here to stay. With home offices becoming a norm, there grew a need for furniture to be plush and offer cocoon-like comfort. Oversized, cute, and rotund, designers across the world are experimenting with this certain style. Not only should furniture be comfortable but it should add to the aesthetics and sensory effect of a room, effectively transcending to double up as art pieces.

Floral wallpapers

Show-stopping florals are making their way to the walls. Large-scale prints are ready to captivate attention and stand out on feature walls. Bold hits of colour can lift the spirits of any room. Renaissance-style dark, moody backdrops with decadent jewel tones are another key element to keep an eye out for. The more adventurous will opt for bold tropical prints to bring the outdoors into their homes. Along with the walls, statement ceilings are also trending along with using wallpaper to adorn bathrooms. If a unique style is what you’re aiming at, then floral wallpapers will help you achieve it.

Mixed metals


Metals are shining through in the world of interior design. Gold, silver, copper, tin, and bronze often compliment earthy tones and neutral hues. As long as you experiment with a maximum of three metals, you can transform your space into a stunning masterpiece. This trend is applicable in remodeling the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and even the dining room.

The first step would always be to select a dominant metal, according to your style — which could range from sophisticated to rustic, to contemporary. Then you have to balance it off with accent metals which could be warm ones (brass, copper, gold) or cool ones (aluminum, silver, stainless steel). Neutral metals like cast iron and other types of black metals can be used to complement any type of dominant metal. Mixed metals are sure to make a dramatic statement.

Sustainable modern design

The responsibility toward our environment is to be incorporated in our daily lives. The lifecycle of raw materials is a key factor, where the ‘waste’ produced after using the material can be reused. Upcycling is being conducted in extremely innovative ways to reclaim and recycle tons of material. Carbon positive design aims to eradicate more carbon from the atmosphere than what was emitted in the first place.

Ensuring energy efficiency, water conservation, and reduced carbon emissions are built-in features of sustainable interiors. Bamboo furniture, recycled rugs, natural light, banana fiber, the creative utility of storage space, and energy-efficient appliances are some of the factors to consider in sustainable modern design. There’s a certain ecological consciousness when seeking designs for a space — it’s more than a passing trend.

Nature inside

Welcoming plants inside a space, whether professional or personal, is a life-changing move. The benefits are truly endless as the limitations between the inside and outside become blurred. Plants, green walls, and huge green installations are now an imperative part of the initial stages of the architectural blueprint and construction process. This trend is a byproduct of the post-pandemic era as well as a move towards being socially conscious which allows you to revisit your roots and be closer to nature.

A ‘green’ space comes in many forms — indoor gardens, roof gardens, green walls, kitchens that flow into the outside area, plants in offices, and natural daylight are just some elements. Naturally, it’s all about creating healthier surroundings, a stronger human-nature connection, and ensuring true wellness and peace of mind.

Modern rustic

It’s in vogue — to play with the contemporary while enhancing your authenticity. From adding one stunning work of art, a rustic antique clock from centuries ago or a chair that has been crafted out of unstained raw wood and there are absolutely no duplicates of this piece. It’s all about making a statement — not to show off but to stand out.

The post-Covid lifestyle encourages a certain level of individuality to shine through in the spaces that we occupy. Since being home the majority of the time has become a norm, people are keen to reflect on their personal quirks and nuances in the spaces around them. Exposed elements like unfinished flooring, brick walls, and tarnished metals set the rustic mood. Raw, rough materials like antique crates, statement mirrors, and distressed wood marry the imperfect with the urban. It’s a cozy, calming, and cool way to style your space. A trend that gives you space to seamlessly blend homely with elegance is a winner by default.

Grand Millennial Style


Granny chic — one for the youngsters and the young at heart. Nostalgic-natured millennials are bringing back traditional design traits from the past. So that means anything vintage catches their attention — pleated lampshades, grand wallpapers, or dainty China glassware. They add a breath of fresh air to their grandmother’s design style. New and preppy elements are popping up in these homes where it’s trending to be ‘granny-chic’ while still respecting the old styles. Victorian and Neoclassical genres are strong elements that play supporting roles in this journey of storytelling through design.

Work from Home

With ‘home-office’ becoming a trend in itself, many designers will aim to seamlessly incorporate the professional world with the personal world. Unused spaces can instantly be transformed into smart desk setups. Elegant seating options, multifaceted wall storage, a mini workstation under the staircase, and a clever utilization of closet space will be some of the elements to consider. Ergonomically designed furniture will be in high demand — to ensure the best comfort and functionality. Designers will especially focus on creating workspaces that are conducive to productivity and creativity. Some of the sub-trends that are emerging are Eco-style, Scandi, the Big City Spirit, Classic, and Art Decor.

Interior design is seeing a revolution and it’s an exciting time of new trends and ideas — some borrowed from the past and some to help stay in touch with the future. The present has shaped the reality of interiors and it is truly an incredible era to incorporate these trends into your own spaces. Blaine Robert Design is ready with a diverse range of options to transform your space and turn your vision into reality. Visit our website for more information!

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