10 Accessories For A Luxurious Home You Cannot Miss

The aura of your home is responsible for your well being – physical, emotional and professional. It is much more than placing furniture in the right place or decorating it with expensive items. It would be best if you balanced its aura in tandem with your individuality. But let’s not make it that simple because […]

The aura of your home is responsible for your well being – physical, emotional and professional. It is much more than placing furniture in the right place or decorating it with expensive items. It would be best if you balanced its aura in tandem with your individuality. But let’s not make it that simple because slight luxury is harmless.

Often we assume, adding exotic pieces to the décor can get a bit exaggerated, but it’s not. Luxury décor gives a sense of unmatched satisfaction and inspires you every day. Despite living independent lives, we wish to be guided and inspired. We bring luxury to your home, in your décor; look no further for inspiration!

Must Have Accessories For A Luxurious Home

There is little room for mediocrity, especially when it comes to your home décor. You must enjoy luxury if your heart has craved for it and be guilt-free about it. It’s hard-earned, and you must savor it. We bring you some fantastic ideas to upgrade your home to an exotic living arena. Let’s dig into this blog.

  • Good floor – begin from the base

We have spoken about exotic pieces but seldom have we discussed what we stand on. Floors are an essential part of your décor, too, and more so, when you want to create a luxurious home. If you have a big room, then you can experiment with designed marbles or tiles for a grand look. And for smaller floors, soft solid colours look great. Experiment with shades instead of sticking to the common ones just because you have seen them. How about the lesser-used ones? How about trying the uncommon shades for your floor? We would suggest you give it a try unless you are choosing electric or neon colours.

If you prefer wooden floors, you can even create patterned wooden floors with different coloured or textured woods. It might get a little more expensive, but once you see those patterns on your floor, you won’t ask for anything else. Yes, it’s that captivating and a must-have in your luxury home.

  • Chandelier charm


Weave stories inside your home with this masterpiece. A chandelier is a dream, and you ought to make it come true. Like you cannot seek happiness outside, you cannot expect the outdoors to give you peace. In fact, why will you look for happiness outside when you can create the perfect exotic charm inside your home? Different outlets are well aware of this trend and have a good stock of chandeliers. Make sure to visit the one near your home and pick the most suitable piece.

A grand chandelier is an ideal piece for a living room and corridors. However, if you want one for your bedroom, then a smaller one would look great too. It is a great light source for your room, so when you are using a chandelier, you turn off other lights. It’s grand, all illuminous and serves multiple utilities. You may have to spend your weekend looking for the right piece, but it’s worth your time and effort.

  • Exotic rugs for sophisticated homes

Rugs are an essential piece for a luxury home, and we don’t think otherwise. The right rug can upgrade the look of your room to a different level. All you need to do is pick up the right rug and place it uniquely. That’s it. Well, there’s a little more than you may need to do with rugs.

Often we assume that an exotic rug is the best one, but that’s not true. While buying rugs, take the proper measurement of the floor and keep the room set up in mind. Besides the beautiful traditional ones, you can have geometric patterns in a variety of fabrics. Visit the shop with an open mind, and you will never be disappointed. Often we assume traditional rugs are the best, but the trendy ones may steal the show. So, we would suggest you visit a good rug store with the right floor measurement and explore the designs. Your heart will take you to the perfect rug or rugs for your home.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall


Since we are discussing décor for a luxurious home, we cannot miss the mirrors. Their charm is unparalleled, and so is their utility. You can place a grand mirror at the strategic corner and direct its reflection to illuminate an entire room. Yes, that’s smart décor and an important hack for creating a luxury home within budget.

Experiment with geometric and abstract shapes to create drama in the décor for a touch of luxury in the space. It makes your room unique with an alleviated style. Isn’t that what you love and want to have in your home? If not, then you can stick to the traditional grand mirrors for a royal touch to your interior.

Try assembling; place small mirrors in a definite pattern to create a shape. It’s chic and a great way to groom a space in one of the most glamorous looks. Try it, and you will love the effect even more than using a single mirror.

  • Greens that are alive

It is one of the most soothing colors on a palette. Isn’t it? We would suggest you add it to your décor as well, but it’s a live version. Indoor plants are a great way to glam up space – whether interior or exterior. Since we are talking about interior décor here, we will share ideas to glam up your space with indoor plants. Choose the right indoor plants for the right place and place them in attractive pots.

You can use two pots – the primary one to keep the plant and a cosmetic one to hold the primary pot. It is purely for enhancing your décor. Choose from ceramic to bronze, copper or brass pots. Choose anything that goes well with the room, available light and existing décor of the space. However, adding plants is an excellent idea for a touch of delicate luxury to the home, but water them as required. Dead plants are a big ‘no no’ for the décor and energy of the space.

  • Table talk


Often we count the tables as an essential for their utility and seldom for its contribution to the décor. It is pure injustice, so we deliberately suggest you experiment with table ideas for a luxury home. It would be incomplete without the right table or tables.

It can be any table – dining table, tea table, study table or any spare table too. Yes, you can recycle a spare table and use it as a décor piece in your home. It works like magic.

Besides making your tables look great, we ensure they are usable too. So, we suggest you consider the table size according to your requirement and place it strategically. That will allow you to use it as you require and as a piece of interior décor too.

  • Closets and all


A closet is a part of your private belongings, but flaunting it a little don’t harm. It adds to your décor. It creates the feel of a luxury home. An innovative closet is not common, and this is where you can score high. Cabinets are closed, and hence no one sees what’s inside them but having a well-made closet in the home elevates the style.

There are ample closet ideas that you can explore or reach out to us for help. We suggest adding a fabulous closet to your personal space for luxury and utility on the same platter.

  • Tableware on the top


We discussed tables, but that’s not enough. What you have on the table is also a matter to check. Tableware is what you use and reflects your taste in a big way. So, it would be best if you were very cautious and intelligent with choosing the right tableware for your tables. If it is a dining table, then go for exotic crockery sets. If it’s a study table, have an exclusive table light and pen stand. You can surely use other items, but these are a few must-haves on the table.

  • Frames do talk


The time that you spend becomes a memory, and what better than frames to hold it for eternity? Frames are an excellent piece for your interiors and are often ignored. They are exclusively necessary for creating luxury homes. Regular homes do have frames, but they miss the details, which you should not. Use exotic and innovative frames for your photographs or paintings and hang them well. You will love this idea and regret not trying this before.

  • A captivating central piece


Every home must have a central piece. It’s important irrespective of its style. So, have a central piece in a luxury home. Ideally, it must be located in your living room. So choose what you want the central piece to be. It can be a table, or a chandelier, or a sculpture or anything that’s grand and attractive.

Interior décor is often about moulding the space in your style and reflecting your persona. However, it can be about making it grand. You deserve it. We hope the easy luxury home ideas have inspired you to add color and luxury to your space.

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