House Talk: Myths About Luxurious Interior Designs

Before we could notice, ‘home’ matured from being a basic necessity to an indispensable part of our individuality. Why not? You are no more a primitive man or woman, dwelling in caves and hunting for food. Instead, you are a millennial, juggling your priorities and creating a life you always wanted to live. Often a […]

Before we could notice, ‘home’ matured from being a basic necessity to an indispensable part of our individuality. Why not? You are no more a primitive man or woman, dwelling in caves and hunting for food. Instead, you are a millennial, juggling your priorities and creating a life you always wanted to live.

Often a strong desire to have the best home décor makes us cautious and worried. We hate to break your heart by saying this, but there are myths around interior design. These are blockers and unnecessarily disturb your plans. These myths even hold you back from hiring an interior designer who can help you.

Why Are Myths Even There About Interior Designing?

People talk about what’s popular. Myths are nothing but misinformation about sought-after things. A beautiful interior is a subject of admiration and in demand. Besides, it looks like a simple task of buying something and arranging them in a given space. However, ask an expert, and he or she would tell you that it is much more than that. So, myths have built up around interior designing, and these get larger with time.

Myths build up when people cannot achieve the same results with assumed processes. For example, often, it is considered that we need to buy certain decorative items and place them at desired locations. But when you do this without any knowledge about it, you ignore the surrounding. Hence don’t get the same results as professionals. So the myth is nothing but misinformation spread confidently.

The concern over interior designing myths is that it interferes with your home décor. That’s highly undesirable, and you may need to incur more expenses to undo the effect of acting on such myths.

Why can’t we then bust the myths and make the most of the realities? It is exactly what we will be doing here.

10 Common Myths About Luxurious Interior Designs

Let’s get started with myth-busting, it’s necessary, and you will thank us after it!

Myth 1: Hiring an Interior designer may cost you a fortune

It is one of the most common myths around decorating your home by a professional. You can say that it’s a prejudice. You need to get rid of it before it spoils your scope of getting your home done in the best possible ways. An interior designer is a regular professional decorating artificial structures and charges his or her price for their work. How can that be abnormal or something equivalent to your fortune?

Myth 2: Interior designing is a DIY task

Commonly available DIY tips often convince us that we can do what experts do with ease. They seem to be a great idea. However, that has never been the case because the interior decoration is not arranging things as you want. It has grammar, and you need to pay attention to minor details that only professionals are aware of. They have been doing this job since they started working; that’s what they do. We can aspire to design our homes but never achieve their details and expertise.

Myth 3: Interior designers are always a woman

It is another myth that you need to dissolve as quickly as possible. Since when did a job become gender-based? Since its design, associated with creativity, beauty and charm do not mean only women do that. Men are equally brilliant at the job.

Myth 4: The designers will replace your old furniture with new ones

An interior designer decorates your house with stuff that makes the space look beautiful. They do not have any agenda of throwing away your existing furniture or any other belongings. They may suggest you get rid of one piece or so if it is damaged or disturbing their decorating plan. That’s it.

Inset Image 3

Myth 5: Your home is small and hence not quite suitable for designing by a professional

It is another weird myth revolving around interior design. How can you even trust that? A professional interior designer never hesitates from decorating small rooms. Instead, they implement the best of their skill and expertise in transforming the smaller space into an amazing area.

Myth 6: The interior designers live in exclusively beautiful homes

If you believed in this myth, then we must say that you are too naïve. Interior designers create beautiful interiors, but very few of them do get the time to work on their own homes. Most of them live in decent houses with pretty interiors but might not be as exotic as the homes that they work for. Some of them might not even have any paint colors on their outer walls.

Myth 7: Home décor by professional designers are less functional

Designing an interior is often mistaken with fashion design and assumed to look good much more than helpful. However, that’s not the case. Please understand that designers create spaces to live and work, not just to see. Interior designers pay a lot of attention to space utilization and ensure your house is optimally functional. For example, they provide your kitchen as practical as your living room and every other area.

Myth 8: Interior designers do not consider your taste while working on your house

It is one of the bluntest myths, but people often fall prey to it. Interior designers are professionals. By no means have they had any personal interest in your home other than decorating it in the best way. They get your requirements before designing the place; your wish is their primary guideline. If you want something from the latest trends, tell them, and they will indeed work something out to make that happen.

Myth 9: You must have a theme for your home décor

If you want a theme, then the designers will get one after confirming it with you. Otherwise, it is never mandatory to have one. Please understand that these myths are usually propagated to feed individual interests but not something that an interior designer will want you to believe.

Myth 10: Decorating the space is what professional interior designers do

It is a very common myth, and we want you to know the fact. Interior designing is much more than just decorating a space. They can transform a small room into a great living space and utilize elements you thought about. It makes them experts at their job.

Home is always special and more so when you buy your own house. Nothing can match the joy of such a purchase. We hope you have a clear idea about what interior designers don’t do. To know what they do or what they can do for you, write to us or call us!

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