How to Create a Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen

How do I make my kitchen look like a farmhouse? What are the elements of a farmhouse kitchen? What makes a kitchen a modern farmhouse-style one? You have gone over several kitchen redesigning ideas. Chic, modern and luxurious look is a passe. It seems like everyone has that nowadays. You want to stand out, not […]

How do I make my kitchen look like a farmhouse?

What are the elements of a farmhouse kitchen?

What makes a kitchen a modern farmhouse-style one?

Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen

You have gone over several kitchen redesigning ideas. Chic, modern and luxurious look is a passe. It seems like everyone has that nowadays. You want to stand out, not to be one among the crowd. What you want is a kitchen that is warm, inviting, rustic and yet modern.

The good news for you is that in this article, we’ll tell you:

  • What is a farmhouse style kitchen?
  • How to design a farmhouse kitchen?

What is a farmhouse style kitchen?

What is a farmhouse style kitchen?

This is a style that is designed to make a room seem warm and inviting. It has a prominent rustic feel, is simple and unpretentious. And this is something which is so refreshing! Think about coming back home and going to the kitchen for a quick bite, and feeling you’re at a farmhouse and close to nature. If you don’t live in a picturesque country, you can still get the feeling in your room.

Farmhouse kitchens are not unsophisticated, though. While it sports an unpretentious design, you can have premium natural pine wood furniture, expensive Shaker-style cabinets, and a soft, soothing colour scheme.

More often than not, natural materials are used for this kitchen design. Floor area tends to be large enough for several people to sit comfortably for a meal. Chairs, tables and cabinets are mostly made from premium-grade hardwood. Most people pick maple, cherry, oak and pine. Pine is especially popular due to its knotty and natural look.

In farmhouse kitchen design, the sink has a special place. The classic stainless steel or porcelain sink has a basin that is both deep and wide. Such basins can easily cater to the cooking of large meals. If you can’t get the modern stainless steel ‘farm-sink’ style basins, don’t worry. You can still try out the classic porcelain sinks which combine form and function.

Sink in Kitchen

When it comes to seating and dining, high-quality wood is in high demand. Tables are styled after the traditional farm tables, made from long, sturdy planks of oak wood. However, you can see tables, chairs and back supports showing strikingly detailed carvings showing farmhouse and pastoral scenes. Pretty nice, right?

And what’s for dinner, you ask? Well, that depends on you! However, we can tell you the type of containers, cookware and storage options you can have at farmhouse-styled kitchens. These have simple flatware designs and rustic premium wood handles. Mason jars are widely used for storage at such kitchens, so make sure you get some of those.

Now, you’ll need tablecloths, curtains and placemats. The popular choice here is plaid, gingham and toile designs. Toile designs are especially sought after as they feature historical and pastoral scenes.

Finally, you want artwork and perhaps some antique farm equipment as well. They’ll add to the visual element of a well-thought out farmhouse kitchen.

Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Kitchen island
  • Range cooker
  • Premium freestanding furniture

Here’s how to create a farmhouse inspired kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are a blend of various styles: vintage, cottage, traditional and rustic. If you’re thinking about a space that holds all these points of interest in one room, you have to know the elements which help in creating them.

Below are some elements that you can use when developing a farmhouse kitchen. But remember, the best design to a room is where you add your own personal, unique touches!

  • Fresh flowers
Fresh flowers

When you’re developing a farmhouse-style kitchen you gotta have floral arrangements! After all, the style is called farmhouse for a reason. The focus is to make home owners and visitors feel closer to nature.

  • Open-shelving
Open shelving in kitchen

A good way to separate kitchens of this style from others is by having open-shelving. It is real, raw and gives off a rustic feel. And besides, it lets you display your favourite dishes, bowls and accents!

  • Hardwood floors
Hardwood floors

When developing this type of kitchen, know that wood is an essential component. But not just any wood. You want high quality wood which can stand the test of time and heavy footfall. These floors may not look the same as a vintage marble or tile floor, but hardwood floors are beautiful in their own right. They add quite a welcoming air to any room, and add a special warmth under your feet.

  • Exposed beams
Exposed beams in kitchen

If you already have exposed ceiling beams, especially if those are made of wood, don’t hide them! They can be an integral part of the room’s rustic style, and can go a long way in making the room cosy.

  • Antique clocks

Antique clocks

Clocks are necessary in most rooms, but especially so in farmhouse-inspired areas. Clocks you’d want at such areas should be for the ideal look, whether on walls or on shelves, either vintage or antique.

  • Large table

Large table in kitchen

So you’ll have a large farmhouse-style kitchen? But where will your family enjoy all those hearty meals? Why, on a rustic style table, of course. Made of wood, such tables are long enough to accommodate your plates, dishes and other items. The best thing about these tables is that you can personalize them!

  • A range cooker

A range cooker

Having an old-fashioned range shall surely transform the room for the look you’ve been desiring. Range cookers give off an old-world charm, something you need for the kitchen style you want.

  • Farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sink

And with a vintage range cooker, consider having a farmhouse sink as well. It goes by the name of ‘apron-front skin’ as well, as you can see an apron hanging from the bottom of the sink.

  • Cream-coloured cabinets

Cream-coloured cabinets

You can of course go for any soft and pastel shades. However, after going through myriad farmhouse kitchen designs, we have found cream shades to be the most apt. Alternatively, white base can be great too! Why are we suggesting these colours? That’s because these will contrast nicely with the wood you’ll be having in the room. These soft shades shall balance out any natural, dark colours you have in the room.

  • Natural lighting

Natural lighting in kitchen

No matter how well you design this room, it will seem like a poor copy of a farmhouse kitchen if there is little natural lighting. This is a must, so please do not ignore it. The more natural light you let in, the better your room shall look.

  • White dishes

White dishes

The dishes and plates you put out in a room matters a lot. For instance, in case of a farmhouse-style kitchen, you won’t want to have a large variety of plate colours or bright colours. Just like before, it is a better choice to go with cream or white-coloured dishes.

To sum up

Creative Kitchen

All of these are not an exhaustive list of items, furniture and fixings. The choices are many, but remember to speak to your interior designer first before finalizing on anything. They can give you valuable advice. For instance, some things may not be available in your area. Others may not be suited for your room! So let your creative side go wild, but always speak to your designer.

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