Decluttering Your Closet Here’s One Thing You Have to Remember

Are you locating to a new home? Or maybe you are just removing old clothes from your wardrobe. Believe it or not, one of the most challenging things during these times is decluttering your closet. Are we kidding?! Not at all. In this article, we’ll tell you: why decluttering becomes a problem how to de-clutter […]

Are you locating to a new home?

Or maybe you are just removing old clothes from your wardrobe.

Believe it or not, one of the most challenging things during these times is decluttering your closet.

Choosing clothes

Are we kidding?!

Not at all. In this article, we’ll tell you:

  1. why decluttering becomes a problem
  2. how to de-clutter it to save a fantastic amount of space

Let’s begin, shall we?

When decluttering closets become a problem

When moving to a new home
  • When moving to a new home

Shifting to a new home itself is a hassle. There are tons of things to organize and oversee. Are the packers and movers on time? They aren’t damaging your furniture, right? Did they forget anything?

Add to all this there is the monumental and tricky problem of tossing away old clothes. Here’s the problem: you can’t take those many clothes with you to the new home. There you need space for new ones. But neither can you think of throwing or giving some away. It’s unthinkable! Each item is as precious, and that’s exactly where the dilemma lies. When trying to remove old items

There will come a time when you realize your wardrobe is about to burst. But again, the same problem comes up. You know you have to remove some items permanently, but you also have an emotional attachment with each of these. You cannot just part ways with them.

  • How to unravel the mystery of the cluttered closets?

There is a straightforward way to solve this. It will take you some time, but it will be worth it.

The #1 Way to Declutter your closet: Identify your Anxieties

Identify anxities

Have you ever seen documentaries of archaeologists digging through multiple layers of time periods?

Well. Digging through your closet can seem the same! You may find clothes from your teenage years and items from your childhood under that. You see, all of these have substantial emotional value. It may seem unkind to toss away something as precious as these.

They may seem to be a part of your life now. That is why you cling to old clothes and possessions.

But at the end of the day, you still need to confront your anxieties, fears and emotional connection with it.

Here are some of the factors that push you in a two-mind state and what to do about them.

  • Clothes from your teenage years

Clothes from your teenage years

Who doesn’t remember the golden days of being a carefree teenager? These were times when you began to explore the world and all it had to offer.

Leaving behind memoirs and clothes from this period of your life can be scary. It is natural to want to hold onto such items.

However, these may also be items which:

  1. You haven’t worn in many years: Your body has changed, as well as your tastes and fashion sense. Your old clothes feel uncomfortable now. Get rid of them!
  2. Have survived previous purges: You had wanted to remove them before but changed your mind at the last moment. Deep down, you could not part ways with them. There is fear of losing some of the best memories of your life, losing the enthusiasm of your youth, and growing old. Accept that and let it go.

Here are a few things to remember during such times.

  1. You have plenty of things to remember your teenage days with. Photos, videos, memorabilia, and others. You can still talk to your old friends, which is the best of all.
  2. You are much better than how you were in your teenage days. There is no question of giving up on your adolescent dreams. You are either on track to attain these dreams or already have.
  3. Remember the past, but always embrace the future. If you insist on clinging to the past, you cannot experience the future in all its marvelous and unexpected glory.
  • Clothes from your college days

Clothes from your college days

We start planning for the future during our college days, which reflects in our closet. For instance, it is common to stock up on shirts, pants, cardigans, slacks, blouses, and skirts. We may spend a considerable amount on these because we want premium brands.

First impressions, remember?

Now it is a different matter. Most of your clothes from your college days are obsolete. Perhaps you have outgrown them or don’t like the designs anymore. Maybe there are things you don’t need anymore. For instance, you don’t need high heels and slacks if you’re working from home.

But it is still hard to throw these away. After all, you did spend a lot on these. Is it fair to toss them out now?

Here’s the thing: your situation is different now. You’re not the same as you were back in your college days.

As for the money guilt, think about this: can you keep dress items from your childhood?

Why not?

Of course they are precious, but do you need them if you can’t even use them anymore?

Sometimes, you need to take a touch stand and push the guilt away. You can donate those unwanted clothes.. That’ll bring some closure to a chapter of your life while giving you an incredible feeling as well.

Initially you will feel bad, but you will feel much lighter once gone. Try it to experience the change!

  • Clothes you have bought recently

Clothes you have bought recently

You have an excellent job now, and with that comes disposable income.

You have spent a fair amount recently on clothes, footwear and accessories. You bought these from online stores and physical stores. But most of these were purchased on a whim and without a plan.

And yet when decluttering clothes, it is so hard. “These were all recent purchases!” you say.

At times like these, you need to be brutally honest. Ask yourself:

  1. When did you last wear these?
  2. Do you still want to wear these?

Well, this should solve most of your problems. If you haven’t worn it in a long time, you should give it away. Be practical in your approach unless you want clumsy closets.

Tough but ultimately relieving

Tough but ultimately relieving

That’s what de-cluttering wardrobes is like. It may be unpleasant to begin with, but it is worth the effort. In the end, you’ll feel relieved, and your wardrobe will heave a sigh of relief! You no longer have unnecessary things to prick you. It’s spacious and fresh. Are you ready for the new beginning?

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