15 Modern Home Interior Design Ideas for Your Next Project

2022 is almost upon us. This can be the perfect time to give your home an update. It may be that the last time you did so was a long time back, and if so, your home may really need it! But what does that involve? How does having a new paint job, adding new […]

2022 is almost upon us. This can be the perfect time to give your home an update. It may be that the last time you did so was a long time back, and if so, your home may really need it!

But what does that involve?

How does having a new paint job, adding new art pieces, or the latest kitchen designs sound?

Or how about using some of the best home décor trends this year for your home?

This article will show you some of the most refined modern home décor accents and home décor design pieces. You can personalize each of these, and best of all, they cost a lot less than you think.

Drawing Room Interior Design

15 Modern Home Interior Design Ideas for Your Next Project

  • Vintage accents

Vintage Accent Interior Design

Indeed, what goes around comes around. This is true for home décor trends as well. In fact, as of now, there is a rising trend and demand for vintage detailing on items like spindles and spooled legs. These are things which were used more than a hundred years ago.

Now, don’t go adding vintage items all over your home. Add them smartly as statement pieces.

  • New wall paint

Different Wall Paint at Corner

Last year in December 2020, Pantone announced that its 2021 Colours of the Year should be Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. It was said that these particular shades were selected for their dependability and warmth.

While Illuminating Yellow is a “bright, cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity,” Ultimate Grey stands for “dependable, solid elements.

These two colours were selected to show how different elements come together to offer hope and strength, to show that it is not always about one single colour but a combination of them.

When it comes to your home, this colour combination paint can be used on your kitchen island. Such a combination shall give your room a dramatic and contrasting look. The result will be quite positive.

  • Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wall Paper

Floral wallpaper is not necessarily feminine. Vintage wallpapers had various forms of floral designs, a trend that is re-emerging right now.

For instance, bold colours, larger floral patterns, and metallic versions are not uncommon nowadays. Yes, these patterns will still be pretty, but they will have a modern slant.

Floral wallpapers shall look great in foyers and bathrooms. If you don’t want to have a permanent floral wallpaper, there are many stick-on wallpaper options to choose from.

  • High contrast décor

High Contrast Decor for Drawing Room

Right now, this is quite a popular trend. People tended to use only one colour in a room for a long time, such as white. But now, homeowners are not shirking from adding contrasting colour combinations like white and black.

For instance, you can have a chair with black fabric and a white wooden frame.

  • Non-white kitchens

Non White Kitchen

In 2010, a popular home design trend was of having an all-white kitchen. Ten years later, it was predicted by industry experts that the coming trend would involve more than just the white colour.

Today, homeowners desire a bright, airy atmosphere in the kitchens but without having everything in white.

  • Brighter colours for your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen with Bright Colors

Here’s another thing to do for redesigning your kitchen. Use daring colours on kitchen wall cabinets and kitchen islands. These can be bright yellow, green, dark red and navy blue.

  • Canopy beds

Canopy Bed

If you’ve always wanted a canopy bed, it is time to get one. Unlike before, it no longer comes with heavy fabrics and heavier headboards. The modern versions are characterized by frames of metal, acrylic, and sleek upholstery.

  • Patina Accents

Patina Accent

This trend is quite popular as well, a popularity that shows no signs of stopping. Homeowners have begun to appreciate the incorporation of a patina.

Apart from having vintage furniture, colour trends like terracotta and clay make the area look pretty charming. Additionally, you can add ceramics and earthenware.

  • Use antique art

Antique art in Drawing Room

This year can be the time to start or continue growing your art collection. According to experts, if any antique is returning to popularity, it is art. People want art to look aged so that they have a story to tell.

  • Kitchen art

Kitchen Art

Why leave your kitchen all bland while you’re adding art pieces in other rooms? You can indeed add pieces of art to your kitchen as well.

This is a trend that is making significant headway amongst homeowners. They don’t want the room to look like a food-making machine anymore. You can incorporate hanging art.

Alternatively, you can use open shelves to display those things that show off your personality to the world.

  • Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Think rattan or wicker items are only for the background? Think again. Wicker items are seeing a resurgence.

Home design professionals are offering exciting and fresh wicker items like tables, chairs, and lighting items. These items are a perfect fusion of modern and traditional styles.

  • Curved Sofas

Curved Sofa in Drawing Room

Here’s something that is possibly new to you. This trend is not technically new. Curved sofas were pretty popular in the 60s and 70s. Today, that trend has resurfaced once more, only with more modern designs of the line and curve of the sofa.

  • Free-standing tubs

Free Standing Tub

Here’s a bathroom idea from the experts: free-standing tubs. Install a luxurious bathing tub. Even back in 2019, this trend caught on. In that year, in the USA, 38% of homeowners either added or replaced their bathtubs as part of their overall bathroom renovation project. 50% of them picked a free-standing flat-bottom tub, while 9% picked claw-foot models.

  • Comfortable fabrics

Comfortable Fabrics

Who doesn’t love cosying up in their free time with their favourite book? You do so too, but do not have a dedicated corner with a small chair with comfortable fabrics.

  • Use glass

Glass in Exterior of House

No, we don’t mean decorative items. Since glass is a modern and versatile building material, you can use it for more than windows, mirrors and decoration items. For instance, you can use glass in your bathroom doors.

To sum up

So there you have it! 15 Modern Home Interior Design Ideas. Now, you can of course go ahead and use these tips. But if you are not sure, it is better to consult a home designer. Their services can be invaluable when you are trying to spice up your home.

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