Must-have Accessories on Balcony

A balcony is that corner of respite from where you can feel the sky and the greens without stepping out. During the lockdown, balconies were one of the favorite places we could afford to go while staying indoors. We loved the balcony feel and turned to it for a quick respite. A beautiful balcony is […]

A balcony is that corner of respite from where you can feel the sky and the greens without stepping out. During the lockdown, balconies were one of the favorite places we could afford to go while staying indoors. We loved the balcony feel and turned to it for a quick respite.

A beautiful balcony is your personal therapist on demand; sitting there for a while can heal your soul and fill you with overflowing positivity. To create an exclusive balcony, you need not construct it again or modify it. Instead, thoughtfully accessorize it and create a beautiful outdoor space attached to your indoors.  Accessorizing your balcony would be a great idea!

Why accessories?

Using accessories for this purpose is organic and lets you start small and build up from there. After giving it an honest try, you can try something new if you don’t like an accessory.

“Sweet, but which accessories should I use?” That’s what we will tell you elaborately here.

Ten accessories you need to transform your balcony from “Boooring…” to “Wow!”

Here are ten must-have accessories for the balcony which can change its look. These ideas are ideal for:

  • tiny outdoor balconies
  • small balconies
  • vertical gardens
  • sizable balcony gardens

Accessories for small balconies

Railing planters

These are very easy to install. Slot them onto your balcony rail, and presto! You’ve installed it without using nails and hammers! Railing planters are small, and cute and come in many bright colors. They’re made of high-quality polypropylene, which gives them stellar protection against sunlight and extreme weather conditions! If your balcony railing is not that long, you can use just one of two of them.

Balcony tealight

These glass tealight holders with brightly-colored flexible silicone ties, will light up your balcony and mood. You can even get one in bright yellow! You can use the ties to fasten the holder to the balcony railings and similar surfaces. Just put a candle inside and enjoy a relaxing evening on your balcony!

Wall unit

It may not always be easy to install something on the wall, especially if they aren’t permanent. But don’t worry! We have the perfect solution. Enter wall units, like this adaptable and stylish balcony wall. Use these to hold anything from plant holders to small folding tables. That’s smart storage, especially for small spaces.

Space-saving furniture

Don’t cram a limited space. Instead, use pieces that save space. For instance, you can use something as simple as an ottoman. To make it cozier, add a sheepskin throw over it and potted plants nearby to complete a welcoming and relaxed space look.

Accessories for vertical gardens

Vertical planter

Love plants but are concerned about having a small balcony? Vertical planters are a great alternative for creating a perfect vertical garden in a tiny balcony. Vertical planters can be your new DIY project and all you need is a wooden pallet. Or you can buy them online!

If you’re indeed taking the DIY path, here’s what you need to do:

  • Find a wooden pallet
  • Repair loose boards
  • Add fabric on the back side to protect the wood
  • Select plants like parsley and thyme
  • Enjoy the visual, haptic and olfactory fruits of your labor!

Hang planters

These work for all shapes and sizes of balconies. Made from materials like polypropylene, these are long-lasting and durable. Hang these elegant pots from the wall, and plant fresh herbs for your kitchen. Hanging wall planters look gorgeous, especially with string lights.

Bamboo Trellis

Like vertical planters, you can also make bamboo trellis on your own. Or you can buy these online to save labor and time.  If it’s a DIY project, tie several bamboo pieces together to make a tuteur or obelisk. And you’re ready! Plants like black-eyed Susan and morning glories will look beautiful on the bamboo trellis.

Accessories for large balcony gardens

Good seats and cozy lights

If you have a spacious veranda, you can use it just like another living space. After installing an armchair, a couch, a small table, say a coffee table, throw blankets and mood-lighting candles. These elements can transform your balcony into a fresh area! For outdoor-use fabric, we recommend using polypropylene and it dries up fast and leaves no streaks. Also, consider using heavy-duty outdoor rugs to enhance the elegance of the space further.

Divide and conquer

Sometimes, using it for one function doesn’t do justice to the space. You can create a multi-use balcony by sectioning out areas. For instance, you can have a separate eating area and lounge. It could be a cozy reading corner or a painting area. Anything you wish! It’s your balcony.

A mini tent

Consider transforming your large balcony into a camp. If you get a panoramic view up there,  then why not? You can have a desirable camp with a tiny tent with chain lights or small lantern-like lights for that rustic feel just outside your living area!

So there you have it: 10 accessories you can use to glam up your balcony. As you have seen, some of these are DIY, while others you can buy. Some of these can be used regardless of whether you have small spaces or a large balcony, while others need a specific size.

How do you want your balcony to make you feel?

Ultimately, it’s your home, and you know what’s best for it. Besides, you will surely want to accentuate it with your preferences. Remember: don’t be afraid to experiment! That’s how you know what you love. Drop us a line if you love these interior design tips or have questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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