Bungalow & Villa Renovation: 8 useful tips to make it a success

Bungalows and Villas are known to be family-friendly. Malaysian homeowners who embark on developing their landed property into their dream home would want to ensure it is built to their style and suited to their taste. Most importantly, want it to be a creation they can proudly call their home. The same applies to the […]

Bungalows and Villas are known to be family-friendly. Malaysian homeowners who embark on developing their landed property into their dream home would want to ensure it is built to their style and suited to their taste. Most importantly, want it to be a creation they can proudly call their home.

The same applies to the refurbishment of an existing house. The renovation provides us an opportunity to breathe new life into an old structure creating a unique home that is true to our style and tailored to the individual needs of the entire family.

But as someone who has undertaken many renovation projects for homeowners in Kuala Lumpur and the suburbs, we can vouch for the fact that home renovation of big properties is no easy task. So, in this post, we will share some of the critical success factors to be aware of if you are embarking on a home renovation project especially if you are a Bungalow or Villa owner.

Interior Design & Renovation for a Bungalow

Traditionally a single-story house, Bungalows by and large are laid out informally, with rooms opening into another to give an illusion of bigger space. In the 21st century, however, we have numerous variations from duplex to deluxe being incorporated to suit individual needs, often taking into consideration limitations of the space that may be inherent in an urban setting.

Apart from comfy interiors, the design of a house should also blend with surrounding property grounds to create that harmony of indoors & outdoor found in a perfect home.

And to make all this happen one needs to go beyond than just choosing the design and referring to a renovation checklist. As with any project it requires design consultancy for conceptualizing, project planning, liaising with designers and contractors, quality checks, and importantly budget calculations and completion timeline.

Expert Tips for Success

The costs of doing up big-size landed houses are generally high, and the duration of project execution can also bring inconvenience and added anxiety to the residents. So, to have more peace of mind, mitigate obvious risks and turn your renovation project into a success, here are our 8 useful tips to take note of (summarized in the Infographic below) –

Bungalow villa interior design
Bungalow and Villa Renovation Infographic

1. Budget for the Project

Bungalows are big projects and thus, renovation costs are generally more substantial. Hence, planning a realistic budget is sensible and one should always try to stick to it. At the same time have a buffer for your budget as well. Make sure you communicate clearly the overall budgetary constraint prior to the design process.

In addition to the obvious charges on interior design, there are many potential costs involved in renovating a house that you need to look out for. The budget will dictate the depth of design and material selection. Everyone on the same page from the beginning with regard to budget makes for a good outcome.

2. Provide a Clear Design Direction

There are many Bungalows in Kuala Lumpur with beautiful architecture. Take a drive down Bukit Bintang or Bangsar for some design inspiration. You can also browse through popular home design magazines or the internet for bungalow and villa renovation ideas. These will act as visuals for your chosen interior design company. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words, your design consultant can quickly and efficiently get “into your head” and focus on the design process effectively.

3. Make Additions & Alterations Legitimate

Whether a bungalow property is new from a developer or resale through a bungalow contractor, homeowners generally want to make revisions or extensions to the property structure. There are legal considerations to consider when deciding to begin the renovation process.

Additionally, you may need to obtain permission from your local municipal council before starting any major renovation works. By following the law, all extensions and revisions can be properly placed into the S&P and reflect the revised square footage. This comes in handy in the event you want to sell the property as well as avoiding any issues when valuing the property. Perspective buyers are more attracted to properties with fewer legal issues. Hence, it is imperative to hire a registered ID firm.

4. Recommendations and Reviews

Successful outcomes come from people who have had successful outcomes. Going into any new situation is best served by asking the ones you trust for advice. Family, friends, or co-workers who have experienced renovations themselves and who have had success, is the best starting point to finding an Interior Design firm that has the experience and integrity to meet client expectations.

These days most Interior Designers in Malaysia have an online presence. Checking customer reviews together with photos of work done is an alternative method to finding a designer that matches your style. Nonetheless, do your own background checks to ensure you are dealing with a qualified, licensed professional.

5. Relationship with your Designer

Establishing a relationship with your designer is of paramount importance. You don’t want a “YES” man who agrees to everything you say without giving any input. Also, don’t choose an ID firm that provides you with ONLY what you want to hear. But, work with an ID that you feel most comfortable with. An experienced Interior Decorator should collaborate with the client to get the best end product in the client’s interest.

Relations with a Design Consultant that is based on integrity, trust, and respect tend to work out the best with a successful outcome. In order to get the best Villa or Bungalow Renovation done, contract a Malaysian Designer who will supervise the entire renovation project from conception to the finish.

6. Track Progress, Be Informed

Make a Renovation Checklist on your own and with your ID to make sure the scope of work is well documented. Before the renovation starts, your ID should also provide you with a timeline or workflow schedule. This should include dates of completion for each phase of the renovation journey. This helps keep everyone focused on the main goal at the end. Plus, it allows the client to understand more clearly how and when things will happen, helping to educate and fostering a better relationship between the client and the ID firm.

It’s also good to check in regularly and drop by often to keep a tab on the work progress. These regular updates on both the client and the ID’s end will also allow you to avoid unexpected delays.

7. Payment Milestones

The schedule or manner of payment needs to be agreed upon – whether to pay a portion up front and the balance on completion, or whether to pay agreed amounts progressively. An ID firm has a clear understanding of the steps needed to complete each component of the renovation effectively to meet the target completion date.

Payment plays a key factor in making sure that all areas of the renovation run smoothly, and timely and all are paid accordingly to stay focused on attaining their individual goals. A substantial deposit payment is recommended in order to secure all contractors’ involvement. A final defect holding payment usually referred to as the retention sum of around 5 to 10% is also encouraged to make sure maintenance and after-completion service is guaranteed.

8. Know the Project Team

Your interior renovation contractor or ID may not be the only one involved in the renovation project. As renovation requires a number of processes like wet works, carpentry, M&E, Soft finishing etc, other contractors who specialize in these specific tasks will also be involved.

It is a good idea to hold an initial meeting among all parties involved in the renovation project. At this point, the client is encouraged to voice their concerns and desires allowing everyone to understand the main objective. Getting to personally know the people involved not only fosters good relations but also helps in the future should problems arise.

Parting thoughts

The above recommendations are the foundation for a successful Bungalow Renovation Project. Your home improvement journey should be a fun and exciting one made according to your taste and requirements. Understanding well the above and their importance will make the client and their desired renovation not only possible but a success!

Get in touch with a well-established Interior Designer in Malaysia to make your dream home a reality.

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