Tips for Luxury Living Room Decor

Someone wise once said, “It’s the moments together that change us forever.” These words touch the chords, and they are true. You know that. It’s your living room where your family comes together. It is special; your décor must exude charm and warmth with your signature style. That’s one of the best ways of creating […]

Someone wise once said, “It’s the moments together that change us forever.” These words touch the chords, and they are true. You know that.

It’s your living room where your family comes together. It is special; your décor must exude charm and warmth with your signature style. That’s one of the best ways of creating your own space where you can unwind, be at ease, and savor your family time.

Ideally, it must be a large space, and it speaks much about your taste and personality. You must make it grand.

These tips for luxury living room décor might be the help that you may need.

Be colour-wise

Picking a color theme for any room is an art, something you may want to consider before finalizing any color combinations. Talk to an experienced interior designer for an ideal color scheme. It will lend your living room a sense of luxury and sublime charm that you will fall in love with every time you enter it.

To start with, pick a base room color. This color can be from an image, artwork, or even a piece of furniture you have and love. 

Next, build around this color palette with complementary colors. Remember, regardless of which shades you choose; it is about what you love. If you choose colors you love, you can’t go wrong!

But this is where most people go wrong.

They think it is all about aesthetics and architectural features. No, it’s not!

It is about how you create a particular room feel and the dimensions of the elements you’re introducing.

For instance, in the case of color paintings, you can have a broader range of color palettes if your living room is spacious. If it is not, it’s best to have images with a smaller color range. In this case, find three colors that go with your room’s color scheme.

Highlight high-value items

Items can be high-value in two ways. First, it is of high personal value to you. An excellent example of this can be paintings and sculptures you made yourself. Second, it’s high-priced like famous paintings and art you bought.

Consider highlighting such items.

If you already have art pieces, but they are not prominent, there’s a simple solution: use lighting! It will make these pieces stand out in your beautiful living room. Consider investing in light fixtures such as pendant lights and other lights that can highlight the subject of your choice.

If you aim to highlight items such as wall paintings, here’s what we suggest: pick a wall color with a lacquer finish and place artificial lights above the piece. The light-reflecting off such works creates an atmospheric effect that illuminates the room.

Display your heirlooms prominently.

Rare or antique items can give your room a sense of luxury that few other elements can. This also works well if you have a small space.

For instance, whenever I visit my friend’s house and sit in their drawing-room, I always notice a large picture frame showing small century-old seals from the numerous Indian princely states, many of whom don’t exist anymore. These are intriguing because I know that his great-grandfather used to be the personal secretary of the Indian Viceroy.

If you have rare and beautiful antiques, think about displaying them. No one else has these but you, which produces the ‘wow’ factor in your living room. These are things guests will never tire of asking you how you came by them or what the history of your antiques is.

But what if you don’t have any but are willing to buy?

The best places to hunt for such items are antique shops, vintage stores, thrift stores, village fairs and flea markets.

We suggest you look for items that increase your living room’s glamor, and those are.

  • Vintage wall sconces
  • Antique boxes
  • Vintage picture frames
  • Antique mirrors
  • Antique fountain pens
  • Antique busts of famous people

In short, keep an eye out for anything antique to give your room a luxurious and vintage feel.

Use intriguing textiles in your modern living room

Want to transform the look of your living room the easy way?

Use interesting textiles!

We’re talking about vintage carpets, throw pillows, area rugs, cushions, etc.

They are easy to find at vintage stores and flea markets. We’re sure you can spot an antique Turkish rug in excellent condition here and get it at a bargained price!

But after you have bought a piece of textile that you’d like to use, how exactly to place it in your living room for maximum effect?

Let’s say that you have bought a Turkish rug. You need to make sure it goes well with the room’s color scheme.

No matter which type of item you’re picking, it should have a particular intriguing feature. Such an element can be due to the material, an unusual design, the texture, and its luxurious look and feel, which goes with your room’s color scheme.

Add balance with symmetry

When it comes to interior designing, you can experiment with pretty much any element, but not with symmetry. Symmetry not only creates balance but also produces calmness.

The best way to incorporate symmetry in any room is by using an architectural feature as its starting point. This can be an eye-catching central table, a side table, a coffee table, or paired windows.

If you will utilize your windows, try to have window treatments beforehand.

If you wish to have a classic look instead of a modern one, you can use symmetrical lighting. For instance, place two lamps on either side of an art piece or a mirror to produce a balanced elegance.

Don’t forget the flooring

Decorating your walls, ceilings, and furniture is excellent, but don’t forget your floors! They occupy a large area of the room and thus play a significant role in your room’s appearance.

If the floor is bare, you can add large scale carpets for softness and comfort under your feet. Carpets and area rugs also suppress echoes.

How can you enhance the grandeur of your living room?

You can:

  • Use your favorite colors on the walls and the furniture
  • Display heirlooms and antiques prominently
  • Display valuable paintings and sculptures
  • Use carpets and rugs
  • Add more symmetry

When curating your living room, you can start from a central piece, such as a rug, and build from there. You can also create a focal point by placing a central table surrounded by soft armchairs to add the feeling of depth and volume.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about these luxury living room ideas and that these will serve as an inspiration for creating a luxurious living space for you.

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