9 Best Storage Beds That Don’t Compromise on Style

You wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweat There’s a chill crawling down your spine as if it is heralding impending doom. No, it’s not the end of the world. It’s much worse. You will be buying new pillows and mattresses but do you have enough space to store them? A […]

You wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweat

There’s a chill crawling down your spine as if it is heralding impending doom.

No, it’s not the end of the world. It’s much worse. You will be buying new pillows and mattresses but do you have enough space to store them?

A cluttered bedroom is the last thing you want to see. You’ve not planned for this: should you remove the older items? Or buy another cupboard?

All this thinking is making you frantic and indecisive!

This, unfortunately, is a problem faced by many homeowners. Unless you have a sprawling house with more rooms than you can count, you have limited space. As you purchase items, they occupy space, and it gets limited. This is especially true for small apartments and old homes with tiny closets.

But you think you can put all the new items on a new dresser, a new wardrobe or new

hanging racks. Right? You can do that if you’re short on floor space. However, did you know that the best solution is right under your nose when you sleep?

Storage beds.

They can accommodate almost anything in their spacious compartments. Extra linens and off-season clothes? No problem! New pillows and mattresses? Bring it on! Storage beds have a lot of space and they look good and can hide many things out of sight until needed.

This article will tell you about 9 best storage beds you can get in 2022.

9 Best Storage Beds That Don’t Compromise on Style

The Overall Best: Floyd the Bed Frame

If simplicity is a significant factor or if you don’t particularly care for opulent items, Floyd’s platform can be just what you’ll like. This bed has a minimal style but comes with several personalization options according to your needs. For instance, you can choose between two types of woods, two hardware colours, and maybe add storage drawers. You can add two drawers for storing extra clothing, linens and more. No wonder this tops our list of the 9 Best Storage Beds of 2022.

The Best of budget: IKEA NORDLI bed

This bed has great storage space! The IKEA NORDLI bed has a simple design. It is a basic platform bed having three drawers on each side. That gives you a lot of storage space.

What sets this bed apart is its unique storage space; it is virtually an extra closet! You can keep anything you want in there. The IKEA NORDLI bed does take more time and effort to assemble, but with its design and style, you won’t need to worry about adjusting to your room.

Sleep on luxury: Line Storage Bed

What if you want something opulent? What if you wish to have both storage space and style? Well, this bed is made just for you, then! Nathan Yong designs the Line Storage Bed. It does not seem like a storage bed, but don’t let that fool you. Under its louvred design, two large drawers reveal a ton of storage area. And all of this without spoiling the look of the bed itself! Neat, right?

This modern-style bed comes in three sizes and two colours (oak and walnut). Both of these colours will go well with any bed linen. While this bed’s price tag may be a bit hefty, you also get a 1-year warranty.

Best mid-century style bed: West Elm Mid-Century Side Storage Bed

If you’re looking for a retro look, you can’t go wrong with the Mid-century side-storage bed from West Elm. This bed sports plenty of storage space and display areas on one side. You won’t even need a nightstand when you have this piece of furniture! Talk about saving space, huh?

Made from sustainably-sourced wood, this Mid-century side-storage bed is matchless in sophistication.

Best farmhouse-style bed: Solid Wood Storage Bed from Joss & Main

If you have all or most of your rooms designed like a farmhouse, you need complementing furniture. Not all manufacturers can give you farmyard-style furniture. This is where Joss & Main scores. It makes a great impression from the very first glance, thanks to its herringbone headboard design. This bed has a clean, rusty look but comes with massive storage space. Within it, you can store anything from off-season items, shoes and bedding. The Joss & Main Solid Wood Storage Bed looks more like a traditional bed due to its height, prominent headboard and solid wood construction.

Best wood: The Astoria Storage Bed from Pottery Barn

Not all beds have a lift-up frame or massive drawers. The Astoria Storage Bed is one of those that gives you an extended headboard for storing books, water, small potted plants, a bedside lamp, etc. But it won’t give you enough space. You do have storage space on the shelves on either side, not counting the headboard.

Best in Velvet: The Lena Storage Bed from Anthropologie

You can’t get your own Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman, but you can get the kind of beds these Hollywood stars sleep in. And yes, different beds. We’re not spreading gossip here, God forbid!

Anyways, back to beds. The Lena Storage Bed oozes glamour from every angle. You’ll be interested to know that these types of velvet-upholstered furniture were pretty popular during the Hollywood Regency era. Many movie stars still have it in their homes. And why not? It is a real beauty and can hold many items underneath.

The Lena Storage Bed comes in a stupefying 22 velvet upholstery option, letting you match your room’s theme and colours.

Best Upholstered Bed- Andes Deco Upholstered Storage Bed from West Elm

West Elm scores again, with a sleek and sophisticated upholstered storage bed. This fantastic bed is cosy and has a great deal of storage space underneath. The Andes Deco Upholstered Storage Bed has a streamlined look and has massive drawers that open on noiseless metal glides.

Two other things set this product apart from the rest. First, you get to choose between low, standard and high headboards. All of these are thickly padded in your choice of fabric! Second, the storage is contract-grade, which they use in hotels. Thus, you can be sure this piece of furniture will last for a long time.

The Best Low-Profile Bed: The Brittany Storage Bed from Novogratz

This bed is for people who don’t want to spend more but prefer to have a beautiful bed with lots of storage space underneath. The huge drawers on either side have enough room for storage.  Thanks to its bentwood slat system, sleeping on this bed with an awesome headboard is comfortable.

Our verdict on the 9 Best Storage Beds to Keep You Organized?

We highly recommend the Floyd Platform Bed as it scores higher in both style and storage space. We are bowled over by its streamlined, modern look, and the fact that it is highly customizable. For the budget-conscious, we recommend IKEA’s NORDLI bed. The design is minimal, but it scores where it counts: a considerable storage space!

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