Best Kitchens of 2021

What are the trending kitchen styles this year? Are white kitchens out of style in 2021? What colours should I choose for my kitchens? If you ask yourself these questions, we can help you out here! This article is for you if: You are planning to upgrade your kitchen this year You want to know […]

What are the trending kitchen styles this year?

Are white kitchens out of style in 2021?

What colours should I choose for my kitchens?

If you ask yourself these questions, we can help you out here!

This article is for you if:

  • You are planning to upgrade your kitchen this year
  • You want to know the latest interior design
  • You are just curious about trending interior kitchen designs

In this article, we’ll tell you about:

  • Are white kitchens in style anymore?
  • 14 latest kitchen designs
  • Which colour cabinets to choose from?

Let’s get started!

Are white kitchens in style anymore?

As we first quarter of a new year, you can ask: are the styles still valid?

For instance, all-white kitchens were pretty popular. But if you are redesigning your kitchen in 2022, should you go for the all-white style?

Here’s what Elizabeth Cooper of Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design has to say, “Some kitchen trends last a long time for a reason. I believe warm, cosy, all-white kitchens are going to be everywhere next year, bringing a reassuring and nostalgic feeling to the room that many people consider the heart of the home.

All-white kitchens are a classic, but more people are picking new styles today. Homeowners now desire glamour, unique colour combinations, emerald lacquer coating, hand-poured terrazzo floors, customized chandeliers, and more!

But why are people suddenly going for such designs instead of the traditional ones?

We think this has something to do with being at home for months (and perhaps years!). The lockdown days have had an impact on priorities. People want to change the design of the area that:

  • takes the most floor space
  • that is one of the most used parts of the house

Here are some of our favourite and best kitchens of 2021.

14 latest kitchen designs

Green lacquer

Green Lacquer Kitchen

Green lacquer on walls beautifully complements a dazzling white ceiling and chandelier at this Parisian loft designed by Fabrizio Casiraghi. Other wow factors in this kitchen are:

  • zinc countertops
  • oven from Miele
  • travertine inset Verde Alpi marble flooring

Marble universe

Marble Universe

Sometimes, marble kitchen tops steal the show, like this blue La Cornue range at a Chicago kitchen designed by Summer Thornton. Other wow factors are:

  • Cerusedoak cabinetry
  • Roman and Williams Guild pendants hanging overhead

The crispier, the better

The crispier, the better kitchen

Sometimes, accents alone can take your breath away. Get a load of this fluted cabinetry from Henrybuilt and the ABC stone Cristallo quartzite counters. Together with KGBL barstools and Roll & Hill pendant, you can have a modern, sleek and sexy look for a kitchen.

Class with brass

Class with brass

Behold this brass-clad custom kitchen island! Classy, isn’t it? This Hamptons kitchen sports other wow factors like:

  • Apparatus pendants
  • Calacatta marble counter

Say it with lilac

Say it with lilac

No, it is not a dollhouse.

This is the Milan apartment of textile designer Lisa Corti. Separated by the living room by a windowed wall, the lavender walls add a unique warmth to the kitchen. You can also see worktables and baseboards, all in a soothing candy-hued palette.

Industrial look

Industrial look

We love this open kitchen design by architects Lesley Carstens and Silvio Rech. What takes our breath away are the flamed Namibian granite countertop and the overhead cylindrical vent hoods from Faber. You can’t take your eyes off the latter, right? We can’t either! By the way, there’s also an Aga stove, which came with the home when designed by Eyvind Finsen.

Heavy metal

Heavy metal

All-white kitchens might be going out of style, but kitchens with a metallic look are taking the world by storm. Sure, the room may look monochrome, but it won’t look dull. See how this massive wooden table designed by Hermes Erbanestria provides an organic visual relief against the backdrop. If you’re wondering about those shapely chairs, by the way, they are by Andree Putman for Emeco.

Tile style

Tile style

The breath-taking Italian island of Capri is popular for many things, including its picturesque villas. We have many design delights in one such villa. The kitchen area was designed by architect GuilianoAndeadell’Uva. The design delights here range from majolica tiles on walls, metal-faced custom cabinets from DeManincor, and terrazzo floor.

Rustic symphony

Rustic symphony

You know, many of the styles shown here are pretty modern. But people are also going for a rustic look because it is lovelier and straightforward. Take this kitchen at Chris Benz’s

Long Island home. This antique farm table adds a rustic look. The designer cabinetry, doors and brass hardware add to the kitchen’s beauty.

Old world charm

Old world charm

It’s not the Versailles, but it does give you a sense of opulence and grandeur. This kitchen is part of an 18th-century villa made by the designer Lorenzo Castillo. It exudes an old-world charm along with a delightful palatial touch. The fringed bronze chandelier, you see? That’s from one of Madrid’s royal palaces!

Sp (Ice) it up

Sp (Ice) it up

This Milanese kitchen exudes glamour from the elegant brass cabinets to the hand-cast glass chandelier. The kitchen is designed by Hannes Peer, while Marcel Breuer designs the vintage barstools.

Cubism revisited

Cubism revisited

This kitchen design is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. We promise you that! The homeowners and designers of this 1930s Los Angeles bungalow wanted to focus on Cubism. They desired to create a ‘kitchen-in-a-box.’ Thus, everything from the pink marble kitchen island to the cabinet-cum-shelf rack shows its inspiration.

Rustic yet rich

Rustic yet rich

These designs seem like opposite poles, don’t they: rustic and opulent.

Some creative designers are finding a way to blend in the best features of both. The picture above is of an 18th century home in Connecticut, USA. Designed by Ryan Lawson, this kitchen boasts unique blended features like a designer raw wooden-panelled kitchen island along with open shelving. Opulence is showered by Schoolhouse Electric flush-mounted lights, SubZerorefrigerator and Wolf range.

Flaunt the curves

Flaunt the curves

We talked about interior design inspired by Cubism. Others are discovering fresh ideas for designing interiors. And by the looks of things, they are doing quite a good job! This TriBeCa kitchen is designed by the architecture firm Dash Marshall. The design is Feng Shui-inspired and embodies the concept of ‘flow’.

This is evident by the curving cabinet walls and the matching kitchen island. The pendants are from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, while the designer counter is from Caesarstone.

Delightful designs, right?

Now, that’s not the end of our article.

We promised you we’d tell you about the top colour cabinets of 2021.

Which colour cabinets to choose from?

In 2021, unique colors for cabinet doors were various shades of blue-green with a hint of grey. Another new trend of cabinets for 2021 was coffee-stained wood tones.

These were some of the most popular variations:

  • Greyed green blue
  • Greige to Beige
  • Forest and yellowed greens
  • Greyed blue
  • Deep bronze
  • Coffee stains

That’s for 2021. But how about trending colour cabinets for 2022? Don’t worry. We’re giving you those right below:

  • Green Kitchen Cabinets
  • Yellow Kitchen Cabinets
  • Black Kitchen Cabinets
  • Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets
  • Grey Kitchen Cabinets
  • Classic White Kitchen Cabinets
  • Timeless Black Kitchen Cabinets
  • Versatile Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Which were the top popular kitchen colours of 2021?

These were:

  • White
  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Plum
  • Saffron
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Red

So there you have it!

In this article, you have seen:

  • Are white kitchens in style anymore?
  • 14 latest kitchen designs
  • Which colour cabinets to choose from in 2022?

If you’ve loved this article, let us know in the comments. You can check out our other articles on interior design as well!

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