Interior Design Style based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you’re a fervent believer of astrology or you only read daily horoscope predictions for the fun of it, it’s always interesting to find out what someone’s perception of you is. Many people often have preconceived notions of how certain horoscope signs act — although whether or not this is true is up for debate. […]

Whether you’re a fervent believer of astrology or you only read daily horoscope predictions for the fun of it, it’s always interesting to find out what someone’s perception of you is. Many people often have preconceived notions of how certain horoscope signs act — although whether or not this is true is up for debate.

Horoscope signs have been used to predict not only our behaviour, but our strengths, weaknesses, and even our future as well. Why not let it guide you as to which style you should go for — especially if you’re undecided about your choices? After all, there would be no harm done. Regardless of your preferences, Blaine Robert Design will be able to fulfil your wishes.


Those whose signs are Aquarius are known to be fearless, independent, and make great leaders. As an air sign, they are often described as intellectual and curious in nature. However, Aquarius have a tendency to be hyper-rational and detached at times.

Given Aquarius’s personality, a mid-century modern style would be suitable for them. Reminiscent of the American design movement during the post-World War II period from the 1940s to 1960s, mid-century modern is characterised by streamlined functionality and organic shapes. With a strong use of natural materials surrounded by just a handful of light fixtures for that futuristic style, mid-century modern is indeed visibly inspired by the space-race era.


Three words that best describe Pisces are adaptable, thoughtful, and sensitive. They are known to be able to quickly adapt to their surroundings and put themselves in the shoes of others. This compassion is what allows them to express their artistic creativity and have a limitless imagination.

Pisces are most suited for the traditional style. From the evolution of the 18th and 19th-century European decor, traditional rooms feature calm and rich colours, often reflective of those found in nature. It often incorporates plenty of antiques, classic art, as well as regal furniture for that familiar sense of permanence and timelessness. Just as Pisces are often the soothing one of the signs, the traditional style similarly gives off an orderly and predictable elegance.


A passionate, motivated and confident leader, Aries are great at taking action and initiative. With a direct and determined approach to most things, those whose horoscope signs are Aries are known to be exuberant. After all, they are a fire sign. Many might think of Aries as headstrong, but that is often just their prickly exterior. Most Aries are actually soft on the inside and love a good hug.

The romantic style would reflect Aries best, showing the hidden yet gentle side of them that most people tend to overlook. Romantic-styled rooms often feature a cosy atmosphere, with soft bedding and slightly filtered lights peeking through sheer curtains and resting upon the fresh flowers occasionally found in the room. Blushes and pastels are the main colour scheme, lending the room a relaxing vibe.


Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus generally appreciate the luxuries and comforts of life. They are practical, ambitious, achievement-oriented, and often have an eye for beautiful things. Some may describe Tauruses as materialistic and hedonistic, but their biggest downfall would probably be their stubbornness. Most Tauruses are actually steadfast and make good friends.

Taurus would love the french country style. As a subset of the Parisian sophistication lifestyle, this French-inspired design style is elegant and luxe yet warm and welcoming. The perfect blend of luxury and comfort of life that matches Taurus’ love for beautiful things.


Often the life of the party, Geminis are known to be extremely social, talkative, and hyperactive. This air sign often loves to be the centre of attention and is always up to try something new. In this way, Geminis can seem a little whimsical and reckless. Being easily excited and distracted, Geminis tend to have short attention spans and are rather indecisive. Not many would rely on a Gemini to make big decisions as they often lack the ability and foresight to do so. However, they are the best company to have for a bit of fun.

Geminis best suit the Hollywood regency style. Also known as regency modern, this style is rather attention-inducing, with a glamorous and lavish vibe. Similar to Geminis’ love for attention, bold swipes of colour are often contrasted with the metallic and glass accents often found in this style. Rather than being surrounded by many patterns, the Hollywood regency style uses various textures and fabrics — including velvet, faux fur and lacquer — for that opulent and dramatic look.


Water signs are known to be empathetic and emotional, and Cancers are no exception. Their nurturing and intuitive nature draws plenty of people wishing to be their friends, and it’s not hard to see why. Cancers’ soft demeanour is a great trait that everyone wants in a friend. However, it should be noted that these signs can be sensitive and insecure at times.

Cancers are best suited for the cottage style. With a light and airy design, this simple aesthetic easily reminds people of the feeling they get when interacting with these empathetic Cancers. Their quiet presence and soft demeanours are reflected via the use of woven blinds, ruffled linens, jute rugs, and vintage accessories.


Just like their lion symbol, Leos are loyal, dependable, and confident. Once they are committed to something, they do not relent. This applies to the way Leos treat their friendships as well — once you have a Leo for a friend, you have a friend for life. Although Leos can come off as dominating, boastful, and possessive at times, they often mean no harm, so don’t let their arrogant exterior scare you off!

With an emphasis on natural beauty, the rustic style best suits Leos. Just as their dependable selves bring about a sense of unpretentious, organic warmth, the rugged nature of this craftsman style carries the same security with it.


As an earth sign, Virgos are practical and grounded. The perfectionists of the zodiac sign, this trait manifests itself in their meticulous, detail-oriented, and dedicated personalities. Virgos can be single-minded in their pursuit of improvement, but that is often the key to what makes them successful. Some may write it off as Virgos being competitive when in actuality they are just diligent and logical.

Virgos suit the chinois style best. Based on the French word of “Chinese”, this style is essentially a Western-European interpretation of Asian architecture and design. Despite originating from Europe, the chinoiserie style was a global phenomenon. With motifs such as pagodas, dragons, porcelains, and foo dogs, the chinois style is essentially an East meets West situation — a fusion of the two, if you will. Trellis patterns, bamboo furnishings, and hand-painted designs remind one of Virgo’s meticulous traits. Due to its roots in European design, chinoiserie can easily be interwoven with the traditional interiors of today.


Charming, beautiful, and intelligent, Libras are often seen as the wise ones of the zodiac signs. Symbolised by a weighing scale, most Libras are seen as just and fair, although they can be bad with conflict. As a cardinal sign, ones that kick off new seasons, Libras tend to have leading qualities in them if given a chance.

Libras do not care about flair and therefore would be best suited for the minimalistic style. Characterised by the desire to remove excess clutter and extra adornments and furnishings, this straightforward style is reminiscent of Libras’ uncomplicated personality. Using mainly neutral tones, only essentials can be found in such a style where form and function reign all.


Mysterious is the word most often used to describe Scorpios. This puzzling sign can also be characterised by their fiercely independent and ambitious state of mind. They do not like relying on others and can be rather protective — not just of themselves, but of others as well. Due to their bold and progressive nature, some Scorpios may come off as manipulative. Just remember to tone down every once in a while, but keep living fearlessly.

Unlike Libras, Scorpios are best suited for the maximalist style. This bold, dramatic and layered style reflects Scorpios’ inherently mysterious personality — who can tell what a Scorpio is thinking? With various colours, textures, and materials in the mix, one does not know where to begin looking. Yet, this style works for Scorpios as it follows the idea of unabashedly utilising your space as much as possible.


A mutable sign, Sagittarius are often flexible and fluid when it comes to handling change. As a sign that concludes the autumnal season, they are optimistic and well-suited for transformation. Many know Sagittarius as the lovers of freedom — the people that are spontaneous and fun. At the same time, Sagittarius are also humorous, inquisitive, and fair-minded. Due to their nature, they may be rather lacking in patience sometimes. All they need to remember is to slow down once in a while!

As carefree spirits, Sagittariuses are best suited for the bohemian style. Eclectic accessories and distressed furniture are the main points. The bohemian style disregards the usual design rules, weaving bold colours and global textiles together to give it a unique aesthetic. Still, it is able to achieve a personal touch which is often the main appeal of this style.


Capricorns are organised, practical and goal-oriented. One of the four cardinal signs, Capricorn marks the start of spring. These signs are often forward-looking. Some might describe Capricorns as overachieving and perhaps a little of a stickler, but their focus and passion for their goals are commendable. Overall, Capricorns are strong and blunt creatures.

Capricorns would enjoy the Mediterranean style tremendously. Inspired by Southern European aesthetics, this style uses plenty of warm shades and natural materials to imitate that outdoor living indoors. Rooms employing such a style often have spacious, open floor plans as well. As the Mediterranean sea is known for its turquoise waters, it would not be surprising to catch a glimpse of some aquatic elements in this style with a little Spanish influence.

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