The Best Storage Solutions for an Unorganized Bathroom Situation

How do I add storage to my bathroom? How do you organize a bathroom with no storage space? How do I organize my bathroom sink underneath and bathroom countertop? If you ask yourself these questions, you’re in the right place. This article will tell you about the best Storage solutions for an unorganized bathroom. We’ll […]

How do I add storage to my bathroom?

How do you organize a bathroom with no storage space?

How do I organize my bathroom sink underneath and bathroom countertop?

If you ask yourself these questions, you’re in the right place. This article will tell you about the best Storage solutions for an unorganized bathroom. We’ll also answer some commonly asked questions in the end!

Homeowners with small bathrooms frequently ask how to add storage spaces within such a limited area. Others ask us for ideas about adding storage spaces under the bathroom sink and how best to organize their bathroom counters.

These are the subjects that we shall touch on in this article.

So let us start with…

For large and medium-sized bathrooms

If you have large to medium-sized bathrooms, here are some top tips!

1. Above-toilet storage options

People spend the least amount of time thinking about the space above the toilet. However, this is prime real estate space, and regardless of the size of your bathroom, you should think about using it.

Now, this is a prime space for storing things vertically, which means you’ll be saving a ton of space in your bathroom. What can you do here? How about hanging shelves for open storage or a toilet cabinet for closed storage. You can also use this space to accommodate towel hooks.

2. Under the washbasin storage options

This is another potential storage area you may not have thought about. If you have an under-the-sink cabinet, you’ll be surprised how much you can accommodate here.

Think of these cabinets as suitcases with stackable drawers. These help a lot when it comes to organizing stuff. An under-the-washbasin storage cabinet will go a long way in cutting your storage space crunch.

3. Cabinet options

You can use a tall and deep cabinet or multiple ones if your floor area allows them. These are ideal for storing many items, and we recommend having stackable drawers for ease of organization.

4. Freestanding carts and drawers

If you’re still short of cabinet space, you can go for a freestanding chest of drawers. We have used this storage solution in several bathroom renovation projects, and it is smart, unique, and looks gorgeous!

But if you have a small bathroom, what then? Don’t worry! We have solutions for that too.

Very small bathroom storage ideas

Like pantries and closets, bathrooms constantly seem to be running out of storage space, don’t they? As for your bathroom, take care of your morning ablutions, your evening showers, and much more.

But if you’re tired of dealing with its limited space, don’t worry. Here are some tricks to make most of every inch of space you have. With these small-space hacks, you can boost your bathroom’s storage capacity.

1. Have a towel rack

If your bathroom is small or running out of space, it is a good idea to use its vertical space. For instance, you can add wall-mounted racks and other vertical storage options to store small bathroom essentials, washcloths, and extra hand towels.

2. Boost your medicine cabinet’s storage

With this simple, behind-the-door hack, you can easily augment your bathroom wall cabinet’s storage capacity. Attach a magnetic memo board to the inside of the door. It’ll turn that surface into a cache for essentials. You can stick magnets on the back of cosmetic items and place them on the door for a DIY option. Otherwise, you can always hook magnetic storage containers on the door. But do make sure the items inside don’t hamper the door from operating.

3. Use basket shelves

An inexpensive storage option is to mount a couple of baskets on the wall. Note that there is a raised side and an open side. You can keep small towels, lotions, and makeup products on the raised side. From the open side, you can access these items quite easily. If you want to walk the DIY way, stick nails through the basket and hammer it on the wall.

With the right storage solutions, even small bathrooms can seem grand.

Under bathroom sink storage ideas

We have mentioned some under the washbasin options, but this is something that deserves its own section in our article. The space under bathroom sinks tends to be quite small. Add to that the presence of a huge pipe running down, and it can be quite hard to have any storage option there, right?

Not really. There are several storage solutions for such cramped spaces. It is all about being creative. Here are some such solutions.

1. Expandable under-sink organizer

Expandable under-sink organizers are your ultimate solution. These are adjustable and expandable, which give you enough room for toiletries and essentials.

2. Sliding tiered under-sink organizer

This may seem diminutive, but it can hold a surprising number of items. And if you have tiered shelves, you can have space for a lot of stuff.

3. Pull-out U-shaped under-sink organizer

If you don’t have space for a multi-tiered organizer, you can have this one-tier pull-out tray or organizer.

Remember, it is not about how little space is but about how well you can use it.

There is another area in the bathroom where storage matters are confusing to many: the bathroom counter. Let’s check out some…

Bathroom counter organization ideas

Bathrooms are often the smallest spaces in our homes, and thus, they get cluttered easily. We need many things, such as linens, toiletries, and medicines. But without proper organization, they end up messing up the countertop.

But there’s a solution: bathroom countertop storage! Use jars, trays and organizers to de-clutter the countertop.

Here are some ideas!

1. Mimic natural shapes

You don’t want your bathroom countertop storage to seem out of place unless you want it to. To do this, pick a means to store things that mimic the features of other items nearby. For instance, a round tray near a round sink and mirror will look quite nice.

Keep it simple

If you want a spartan look, you can keep things minimal. Make sure you place all essential items on your countertop and all unnecessary items stored away. Try to use multiple containers for different items like toothbrushes and hand soaps. This will produce a simple yet cohesive look.

3. Think different

Trays are pretty popular items for bathroom countertop storage. If you want something different, why not use a serving board! These are small and decorative boards which can look amazing on the countertop.

And now, before we end, here are some Frequently Asked Questions for you.


How do you organize a bathroom with no storage space?

Here are a few things you can do.

  • Add a side table
  • Hang baskets on walls
  • Use cutlery caddies to store essentials
  • Mount a medicine cabinet on the wall
  • Use a rolling cart to store bathroom supplies

What are typically good storage options for a small bathroom?

Here are some bright clutter-clearing storage ideas:

  • Use baskets
  • Install shelves
  • Use a decorative ladder
  • Use a bathroom cabinet
  • Install extra towel racks
  • Install an over-the-door storage mirror

How can I organize a shared bathroom?

This is not as tricky as it seems. Here are some ideas:

  • Hang towels from hooks.
  • Colour-code your towels.
  • Utilize a utility cart to organize items.
  • Add tiered shelving with labelled baskets.
  • Hang Multiple Baskets from an extra-tension rod.
  • Add an over-the-toilet storage cabinet with multiple shelves.

To sum up

In this article, you have seen storage options for:

  • Small bathrooms
  • Large to medium-sized bathrooms
  • Storage solutions for under the bathroom sink
  • Storage solutions for over the bathroom counter

In the end, it depends on your tastes and requirements. However, we recommend getting in touch with professional, experienced interior decorators who can tell you about the best options.

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